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Thursday, 1 January 2015

This is the new year!

Well here we are again... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope you had a magical new years eve....
We had our annual chips on the beach..

Tiny was so excited to see the sand... He loves it!

I just soaked up the magical sky.... 

The beautiful waves...

My favourite rainbow beach huts

The stormy end of day from the pier

And the light show on the way back home

Where it was time for....

With my favourite boys...

Seeing in THE YEAR OF THE LUCHA in style!!

As our alter egos.... Kitty (The Comet) Pinkstars



hahaha and our trusty sidekick... TINY!!!

Yep we had a lot of fun.. Crazy singing and all round silliness..
We watched the fireworks as usual on tv..

Thinking of our absent friend Walter.. 
Who loved to watch the new years fireworks with us!
Shed a tear....

And welcomed 2015

The year of the lucha!
Making like minded friends
Having fun
And embracing change..


But instead of setting rigid rules for 2015... Why not just treat yourself nicely..
These are some lovely ideas I'll be trying

1. Drinking a hot cup of tea each morning while reading a book
2. Walking your dog through your favourite park
3. Listening to music you love while taking a dance break 
4. Tuning into yourself through meditation
5.  Stretching your body and breathing
6. Writing in a journal

7. Asking yourself what you are grateful for daily
8. Learn something new
9. Stress less
10. Organise more

Why don't you try some things to make your life easier and treat yourself better!

I'd love to hear your plans...

Happy New Year!

Here's to a new adventure...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx