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Sunday, 28 December 2014

The year of the lucha!

Well the time is NEARLY upon us...

It's almost 2015.. And you know what that means?


For those of you who aren't sure what it's all about, here goes..

There will be 12 new hunks released in 2015.. One a month 

Available in felt form with aceo card

Calendars featuring the LUCHA of the MONTH!

Lucha colouring books... Wall art hoops...

Reward cards with the opportunity to save stickers for a special edition lucha at the end of the year

Lucha based happy kits.... Named positivity packs containing an aceo.. lucha list..stickers and felt patch badge all themed to the lucha of the month!

AND a rollover GIVEAWAY!

12 months of chances to be luchafied!

So.... Lets get started..'s the very first of the rollover giveaways!

Have you wondered how you would look as a lucha?

Because seriously it's something I always think about when I see people..

Like these guys.. Haha

Nige the Nutcracker.. Based on a facebook friend

Killer Kraken.. Based on my boyfriend Jacob

And Easy Reader... Based on Michael my bro!

And the plan here is that YOU could be turned into a lucha!

All you need to do to stand a chance of winning is leave a comment telling me...


and your THING! Something you think you're known for.... Are you into books? A crazy cat lady? An artist? Photographer? Maybe you love crisps?

Haha ANYTHING! As silly as it may sound..
Just leave a comment here...

AND share the giveaway and lucha love by using the hashtag #kittyslilluchas

The BEST thing about this is.... Once you've entered once you'll be automatically entered every month.. So thats 12 chances of winning through the year!

All I ask is that you come back... Hang out... Share the love and keep telling EVERYONE about #kittyslilluchas

SO... What are you waiting for guys? 

The first winner will be picked on NEW YEARS EVE!!!

I'm stitching up lucha masks for me and my boys for our new years silliness.. 
So we'll pick the first winner in full theme! 

LUCHA LUCHA!!! It's gonna be a great year.... A club you can be a part of! 

Packing a POSITIVE PUNCH!!!! Lucha style!!

Love and rainbows Mama Lucha! AKA Kittypinkstars


Princess and the Bear said...

Just starting the ball rolling, my favourite colour is purple today, purple and green, I'm known for my love of all things feathered and furred, budgies, chickens and dogs, my knitting, my love of books and chocolate.

This is the best idea for a year long fun fest, EVER!
Luuuuuucha cha cha!

Everyone, spread the word, Lucas are coming! Xx

Gill Bavington said...

My favourite colour ever is red, it must be the romantic side in me or the devil haha You decide !!!! I love music and play the cello, love my dog, love photography and love all things woolly.

Lucha Club forever !!!! x

Alamea said...

My all time favorite color is green - lots and lots of green!

My most favorite things .. Doctor Who, Animals of all kinds, Kittypinkstars Wookies, and anything handmade. Oh, and I lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve Luchas!!!!!!!!

*breaks out the pom poms*

#2015yearofthelucha #kityslilluchas

Siân said...

My favourite colours are purple, green, and sky blue =) And I am owl obsessed! #kittyslilluchas

Dave Thomson said...

My favourite colour is red! Guess I can be a bit fiery lol. I love reading, drinking vodka oh and champagne! Love walking especially with the gorgeous Lola ( my little furry pal )
Hugs for u xoxoxoxo Sue xx

cupcakes n candyfloss said...

My favourite colour is turquoise and blue. I live in a blue house and even my hair is blue.

My Favourite things are all 27 of my animals, hello kitty,dinosaurs and vegan junk food.

Ruthzanoni said...

Helloo Kitty
My favourite colour is black, with a touch of purple, even got married over 25 years ago, in a black frock.
I love sewing, messing around on my sewing machine, usually creating quirky girls
Ruth xx

Linda Duffy said...

Hi Kittypinkstars,

My favourite colours are purple, green and blue. I am a Crazy Cat Lady but I also love listening to music, reading and looking at the stars at night.
Linda x


Andrea Moore said...

My favorite color is Rainbow :D (or pink if you need just one color ^^)
And everyone knows me as the Sock Monkey girl!

So excited about the Year of the Lucha!

Elizabeth Baer Smith said...

My favorite color is pink, any shade of it. Something about me is, I'm a 50s Malt Shop type of girl. I love anything from the 50s. I wish I could have been around in the 50s

Kooky said...

My fav colour is purple and I'm known for wearing crazy hats :)

Callum Diment said...

My favourite colour has to to be yellow! It's just so happy! And I think I'm known to my friends as the boy who loves birds! Literally every bring I own is bird themed, even my clothes x

Deborah Birtwell said...

HI Kitty my favourite colour is Pink or Purple but am presently going through a cobalt blue phase but these phases last a few weeks then i end up back to Pink Especially Fuscia/Cerise Pink I love cats but any animals really and I love Rock and Roll music and anything Retro and I love and Collect Teddy Bears
Lucha Forever xxx

Mrs W said...

I love lilac it is the best colour ever!! I'm known as being a bit of a geek but more so a Trekkie! I just love Star Trek, even if my husband doesn't quite agree. X

miss leslieanne said...

My favourite colour is yellow and I suppose my thing is flowers. I love flowers - fresh flowers, painting flowers, wearing flowers ( as in prints and accessories, not adam and eve style! ). Oh, and I'm a bit of a bird nerd too :) xx♡

Beki said...

My favourite colours are blues, greens and purple and I love marvel, star wars, dinosaurs, listening to music, clouds and stars xx

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