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Monday, 6 October 2014

The week in review

Another fun week...
Can't believe its October ALREADY!???

Here are last weeks highlights..

Climbing to the top of the hill with this guy to watch the world go by...
And eat our breakfast whilst watching the rabbits and cows and listening to the birds and cockerel!

Any time spent with this guy is magic!

And time on the heath is always amazing....

It changes daily..

But after the storms.. The sky was EPIC!

Then WE got to have a beach date!!

I love these special moments...

It's lovely and quiet in the week... Just perfect!

Time out with these girls!

Making dandelion wishes...

Presents from my lovely friend... They arrived when I was having not such a good day!

And made me feel much better!

Finding more special stones for my collection

Chasing the sunset..

 and planting Dad's baby oak trees at the top of the hill

And on top of all my adventures... It's been a super creative week too..

I've been working on some new fun custom orders..

Not to mention #kittyslilluchas

Haha the guys were catching up on a bit of RAW!

Well anyway.. I got loads done!

And after todays LUCHA MONDAY.. I'm all ready for the new week!

How was yours? I'd love to hear!

Love and rainbows... Kitty xx


Carly Kaste said...

I can feel your warm quirky glow all the way across the Internet. I'm so happy I found you and your Flickr photos of your sweet ratties and your creations!

I'm glad life has been treating you so well--and also your pup is the cutest. ♥

Princess and the Bear said...

A perfectly lovely week :) Apart from the not so good bit, but at least there was a parcel :) Thats always a good day xx Its been very gnomish this week over here xxx