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Monday, 6 October 2014

Here come the boys!

So here they are... Inspired by the things I love
And all dreamt up in my crazy head!

 Time to meet the boys...

Rocky Rouge AKA...Angry Fire...

His Theme tune is Fire (by the crazy world of Arthur Brown!)

His signature move is... The burn out!! 

And his positivity power is ... Like a phoenix from the flames... RISE UP!

Wez Peel...AKA The Orange Ogre...

His Theme tune is Orange Crush (by REM)

His signature move is... The super juice

And his positivity power is...

Don't let them make you sour.... HAVE ZEST FOR LIFE!

And he's part of the Peel Brothers tag team with..... His brother

Jez Peel AKA...AKA The Lairy Lemon...

His Theme tune is The Lemon Song (by Led Zeppelin)

His signature move is... The big squeeze!

And his positivity power is... When life gives you lemons.... JUICE IT UP!

Grenwell Vert AKA...Le Frog...

His Theme tune is Frog Chorus (by Paul McCartney)

His signature move is... The frogsmash

And his positivity power is... Turn those negatives into positives... KISS THAT FROG!

Henry Bobblesworth...AKA Nimble Stratus...

His Theme tune is Bouncing off clouds (by Tori Amos)

His signature move is... The Swift Cloud! 

And his positivity power is... Every cloud has a silver lining... BREAK IT OUT AND SHINE!

Danny Star AKA...AKA The Wizard...

His Theme tune is Could it be magic? ... (by Take that)

His signature move is... Ala Kazam

And his positivity power is... Don't take on too much from others... TRUST YOUR OWN WISDOM!

Terry Doobly AKA...The Pink Mist...

His Theme tune is Danger zone (by Kenny Loggins)

His signature move is...The fog!!

And his positivity power is...  If you must hide in plain sight...


Iggy Bam AKA... IGNITE

His theme tune is Kissin dynamite (by AC/DC)

His signature move is... BIG BANG

And his positivity power is... Be brave.... BLOW THEM AWAY!

Colin Cotton... AKA... Candy Crushem

His theme tune is... Crush with eyeliner (by REM)

His signature move is... Flossed up

And his positivity power is... Be who you are no matter what...


Sidney Sumner... AKA... sunny Jim!

His theme tune is... Walking on sunshine (by Katrina and the waves)

His signature move is ... Sunburn!

And his positivity power is... Don't let anyone steal your sparkle... 


Eric Bannanna... AKA... Power Peel!

His theme tune is... Banana phone (by Raffi)

His signature move is..... The slip up

And this positivity power is...  Turn that frown upside down... 

Thor Reynolds... AKA... Big Daddy Lightning!

His Theme tune is.. Ride the lightning (by Metallica)

His signature move is... The thunderclap!

And his positivity power is... Don't let them dampen your spirits.... ROLL WITH IT!

Tyrone Wave... AKA... Tidal Rage!

His theme tune is... Wipeout (by The Surfaris)

His signature move is.. The Tripcurl!

And his positivity power is... It will pass... JUST KEEP SWIMMING!

Randy Ramirez... AKA... Red Hot Romeo 

His Theme tune is Hot Stuff (by Donna Summer)

His signature move is... Love em and leave em

And his positivity power is... Live and love... A LACK OF PASSION IS FATAL!

And of course.... These boys need a lady to keep them in line..

So here I am..


My theme tune is... Pink (by Aerosmith)

My signature move is... The Sparkler

And my positivity power is... Shoot for the moon... IF YOU MISS YOU'LL LAND IN THE STARS!

And every girl needs her sidekicks 
So here are my ladies....

Gill and Sam

Kitty's Crazy Cluckers!

As a tag team they can't be matched for style.. Sophistication and a touch of crazy!

Their theme tune is...Shake a tailfeather

But individually Gill ..AKA... FIERY FEATHER

Her theme tune is.... Disco Inferno (by The Trammps)

Her signature move is... Firefly

And her positivity power is... Be yourself... FREE YOURSELF!

And Sam ..AKA... Strutter Flutter

Her theme tune is.... Strutter (by KISS)

Her signature move is... Smack in the kisser

And her positivity power is... Drop the stuff that holds you down... TIME TO FLY!


So what do you think of the guys?

Well I'm launching them in a big way next year... 2015 will be the year of the lucha here at Kittypinkstars!

And to start the ball rolling I'm offering some of you guys a chance to win 


I will be picking 5 winners at random... Who will each win a bag of lucha stickers...

18 stickers in each bag!

This is your one opportunity to get all of the lucha stickers in one go FOR FREE!

SO to be in for a chance of winning.... All I want you to do is...

Leave a comment telling me YOUR favourite lucha and why!

Then share this blog ANYWHERE! 

You can tweet it ..... Share on FB.... reblog.... 

TELL THE WORLD about these pint sized hunks!

Even share a pic of your fave fella but please remember to hash tag...


-This competition ends on the 26th of October 2014-

I really want to get the word out about these guys and I KNOW you can all help and make the LUCHA CRAZINESS HAPPEN!!!!

And as you can see......

CRAZINESS is happening!!!

I am loving creating these guys.....

They are so much fun to bring to life....

And are the perfect pocket sized punch of positivity!

Next year I have big plans for them... They'll even be the face and theme of the new happy kits!


And exciting news....There'll be new guys joining all the time too... Like THIS GUY...

Nige the nutcracker!

But more about him next time....

So to be in for a chance of winning please please don't forget to share...


And thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Gill Bavington said...

Yaaaaaaaay I love these lil luchas and I am so proud to be part of the wrestling team !!!!! Love ya Kitty these are fantastic xxxx

Alamea said...

Henry Bobblesworth...AKA Nimble Stratus I think might be my favorite! In part because he's green with is the most awesome color in my universe ~ Those nipples on all of them just make me giggle all the time!! Love, LOVE Tori Amos too! And his positivity power always reminds me of the sunshine that is Kittypinkstars! Hurray for Luchas, 2015 is going to be the best year yet!!!! <3 :)

Andrea Moore said...

Colin Cotton AKA Candy Crushem is my favorite because I love pink and cotton candy is my favorite candy! I also love his positivity power! But all of your Luchas are awesome! So excited to see all of the new things you have planned!
I'll repost this blog post on Facebook!

Princess and the Bear said...

You want me to CHOOSE???
I am absolutely in love with all of them <3
I would choose Thor Reynolds, Big Daddy Lightening, because of my love of Storms. Thank you SO much for making me part of the Team, Best thing thats ever happened :D
#2015yearofthelucha <3

Daisy Sunshine said...

I adore all of these! As a former WWF fan (wrestling not wildlife), these take me back to my childhood. The Honky Tonk Man, The Undertaker and Macho Man Randy Savage! I love Wez and Jez, but as they have each other I choose Rocky Rouge. I had to pick myself up again this year, so he is perfect! xx

Heidi McDonald said...

these Lil Luchas are flipping AMAZING !!
Iggy Bam is my fav, but its almost impossible to choose.

Beth - Doodlecats said...

I love Nimble Stratus, he has a fab beard and great attitude to life :D

Gill Bavington said...

Oh I got that excited that I didn't tell you my favourite ......................... Nimble Stratus for sure ;)xxxxxx