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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Goodbye September

Blimey! Blink and you miss it.... 

Where the heck did September go?

Aaaah I see... I was having LOTS of fun....

And you know that makes time fly..

And here are some of my highlights!

Our annual September conker hunting date in the park...

Then we came home to.... 


Thanks Toetoo!

Look how proud she looks! Haha the twins are like WOAH!!!

We had our end of summer sunset walk over at Hengistbury Head..

I love moments like these... Little traditions that we do every year!

Which reminds me we also started our Fall Sunday baking...

September is also a special month because it's my Mum's birthday!

I made a special rag doll because Mum said she'd always wanted one..

Purple themed because it's her favourite colour.

And of course a card!

And here's my beautiful Mum with her doll! 

And with her favourite pup! 

Yep Autumn is my favourite season without a doubt.....
Everything feels better...

And the change of season always has a magical impact on our walks..

And I've been having fun with my best friend and adventure buddy, Tiny...

And these guys...

These things have made me smile...

Finding little signs of faith when I needed them...

Pretty flowers at the park

The fungi season... I just LOVE spotting them!

Autumn sunrises under my gazebo with my fir cone bunting! 

And this crazy rodent lady got a super special shrewlike present from a wonderful friend...
A handmade SHREW!!!

Isn't he cool? Meet Shrewdon.. He's going to come on ALL my adventures!

And so many new ideas.....
It's been a crazy creative month..
And I'm mainly excited for the relaunch of my luchas in WOOKIE STYLE!!

I am so excited for these guys... And they will be featuring in the future..
 I'll introduce them all in my next blog!

So yep... Thanks September... You were awesome!

But I never expected anything less...

How was your September.. I'd love to hear?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Princess and the Bear said...

What a perfect month!
I can comment now Ive stopped laughing at jacob in the hedge hahah oh my days that's cracked me up!!!
I love your photos, they are just beautiful, the conker and the leaf, it would make a lovely canvas for my wall ;)
My September has been up and down, worry about Henrietta but Ive had so much more energy and ive got so much done, Monster knitting, walking with Phoebe, i even picked my own treasures to show YOU for a change :D
Here's to a fabulous October xx

FeltByRae said...

Lovely photos and a very impressive haul of conkers... I managed to grab a few from nearby for keeping the spiders at bay indoors before the local kids snaffled them all!