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Monday, 8 September 2014

The last two weeks of summer

Hey sorry guys.. I was having so much fun that the last two weeks just flew!

Here are my highlights

It was my favourite annual event.... The Bisterne scarecrow trail!

I can't tell you how much fun we have with the map in the back of the car ticking them off and taking pics.. It's crazy and silly but just so much fun!

These welly boot dogs were awesome!

Lunch with Mum and Dad... Dad won't be photographed lol he's a vampire or something..
But here's my beautiful Mum..

Then back on the road to catch a few more...

At the weekend we went on an adventure to LONDON!

So much fun... I hadn't been in years.. And it was Noah's first time!

He felt pretty cool!

We visited The Natural History Museum which was AMAZING!
I was just as excited as when I was a kid..

In fact... When I found the gnawing mammals section and the rodents..

I was even more excited!

I was particularly obsessed by this guy...

Haha that face is a classic!

London mirror shot...

And crazy mirror shots...

It was lots of fun..
Noah doodled his favourite moments on the way home..

The last week was just a couple of days before back to school...

We had our end of the holiday milkshakes on the Monday..

But the last day with my Noah was a day to remember!
We got up early and headed to the park...

It was drizzly and dull but that never stops true adventurers 

We had our annual last day treat..

And played on the rope swing.... Noah's great at it!

And yes.. I had a try... Not so great!

Hmm exactly! No words needed!

In the evening we took a long walk along the seafront to the chip shop 
for our end of the holidays treat..


And watched the sun go down...

The perfect end to the perfect holiday!

Here are some of the other things that have made me smile..

My end of summer treat to me.. A vintage jumper dress and the new Keri Smith book!

The flowers in the park...

Collecting natures treasure on our adventures...

My new brooch

The start of our autumn Sunday baking tradition... This week cheese scones!

And basically just getting to spent real time with my boy.. 

It was a wonderful summer
and I am so happy that even though he's hit the big 13 it was one of our favourites!

We made our last wish of the summer..

And wished for more days like this....

How was YOUR summer? And what are you excited about now autumn is on the way?

I'd love to hear from you guys..

Love and rainbows... Kitty! 


Princess and the Bear said...

Ive thoroughly enjoyed reading about your summer too :) I love Autumn, one day last week felt like Autumn was coming and early this morning it was cold and damp so its almost here :) I want to collect acorns x

Dawn Bevins said...

Aww that looks like so much fun! And I like the idea if Sunday baking! I didn't see much of summer, I spent most of it painting walls, but that is all okay because between now and Xmas I have lots of exciting things happening :)