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Thursday, 14 August 2014

Wookie your pet GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys.. Well as you know if you follow or know me..


And my furry feathery family is always growing because life without pets for me would be weird..

When I was a little girl I was the same, I wanted ALL the animals. 
Mum and Dad bought us our first cat because I was desperate to share my life with a furry friend!

I haven't changed a bit!

My retirement dream is a farm sized area to take in all of the animals

Little Patch of Heaven!

Here are my animal family members for anyone who's not familiar
and for those who are... Well here they are again!


The old lady of the family at 14 years old... Her twilight years are spent stalking me and relaxing!


The MIGHTY Wizard and COOLEST cat!

Dollie Bubble

Literally the sweetest little cat in the world.. Eternally a kitten who thinks she's a chicken!


My niece really but as she lives here she's totally part of the pack.. Crazy snow leopard!


My best friend...adventure buddy and medicine!



and Myrtle

These girls are the funniest! Just watching them being daft all day is so much fun!

and our newest member


Slippery little customer.. Takes patience but we're getting there.
I always need a hamster in my life.. After all they inspired the wookie!

So that's my lot... How about YOURS?

I know a lot of you guys feel the same about your furry friends and I love to hear about them so I am offering 3 people the chance to have their pets WOOKIFIED in plush form!

Here are some I've created...

I've wookified lots of peoples pets before and it's always fun... So come on guys

All you need to do is leave a comment telling me about YOUR pet.

And share the blog somewhere.. Anywhere so everyone can join in and spread the word!

And I will pick 3 winners at random on 5th September!


Love and rainbows Kitty and the gang xxx


Jessica Tiggelaar said...

my cat Fabel, he is my familiar

Meadow said...

I had a dog. His name is Tim Tim. He was my everything. He came to me when i was 10years old n he was 3 months old. He understands everything that i told him even if its things like to keep quiet when i open the door for my friend in the middle of the night when he would bark usually. He passed away 3yrs ago. But lives forever in my heart.

Susan Thomson said...

Our lovely Lola...she's our world! She's the most friendly, playful and loveable dog. Lola has human eyes which melt your heart ....there's no dog quite like her....<3 x
The Thomsons xxxx

Liselle Barnsley said...

It has to be Boo, AKA Boocat - the soppiest, cuddliest Bengal in the world who I sadly said goodbye to (didn't want to!) a couple of weeks ago. I miss his fishy cat kisses and nose-breaking head bonks like mad! I cuddle him in my dreams <3

Herp Derpington said...

I have a cat named Bubba... he can be rude at times. I still love him, even though he bites and scratches sometimes. <3

Princess and the Bear said...

My gang is similar to yours, there's Phoebe my dog, almost 8 years old, the absolute love of my life. Found wandering the streets aged 6 weeks, a bag of bones, covered in fleas, picked up by someone who worked with mum, we said we'd take her and the second she saw me I was hers, she wouldn't even sit with mum in the car, she kept trying to climb over to me so we had to swap, mum drove home and i held my baby <3 I'd love her wookified.

Then there's Bertie girl the budgie and her new boyfriend Alfie, and Lola the parakeet.

There is a pond full of fish, well we are down to 8 now, 4 white and 4 white and gold, no names apart from one called freeview (?)I had a beautiful Koi called George but he committed suicide :(

And there are the girls, Margot and Henrietta 2 of the original three, and the new girls dame Hilda Bracket and Dr Evadne Hinge the twins, Clarissa my cuddle bunny and Mabel who we call Nanna. I adore my girls, they give me reason to get up each day.

BUT you know all this already hahah You are very kind doing a competition xx

PeachSponge said...

I also love animals and always have! I am actually doing an animal studies course so I can work with animals one day. I have 3 cats - Noah, Peach, and Violet, and one big bonehead dog Amos. If I had to choose one to be Wookified I would choose Noah as he's been with me for 7 years now. Today my husband took a photo of me cuddling him in my sleep. He's my baby. :-)

sarah bullard said...

I originally posted via Facebook. I'm a blog virgin so I'm probably doing this wrong. :0D

I love your work and think my Furry best friend Maximus J Dog would make a fab wookie.

gigifiji said...

I have two cats, or they have me lol
Mooshie is 13 she's very timid around new people but a sassy minx with us. We rescued her from the cats protection where no one wanted her, we named her Mooshie because of her squishy face smooshed and lovely.
Then theres Rosie aka Posie she's 3years old,she's the crazy one, so friendly and loving,she just wants to be your pal. She's a little daredevil, keeps us on our toes finding new things to climb inside/on top of/swing from, bit with such a cute innocent face gets away with murder.
I'm just the crazy cat lady who does as I'm told by my two furry babies :-)

beckyellen xo said...

My puppy Lucy <3

We got her just as my nan died and every night she used to curl up with me underneath the stars, keeping me warm and when I cried she would wipe her face against mine or lick my face as if she was trying to get the tears to go away.

Still when I'm upset or ill, she'll come and snuggle up with me even though unfortunately, we've discovered I'm allergic to dog fur :'( (I still snuggle up with her though and just cover myself in allergy cream afterwards ;D)

She's my best friend in the world and somehow always understands me. I love her to bits and don't know what I'd do if she got hurt.


Lincolnunicornlover said...

My sweet cat Tapanga. She passed away in April a month shy of her 20th birthday. I had her since she was a kitten and also had her mother for awhile until my roommate moved out. She was always there for and I still miss her greatly. I know I will eventually get another cat, my house is to quiet without a furry friend around to keep me company.

Cordelia Earle said...

Hiya, what an amazing family of pets you have.

We also have a few pets, but my cutest I think has to be my Leopard Gecko, Boots, she has just the cutest little face.


Hannah PetLover Jones said...

My Hamster Twix, Shes a lovely little girl, always wants her own way but can be fussy too, She loves her food & loves her Tuff Tube as a bed. She is unique :-) xXx

Gill Bavington said...

My dog, my fur ball friend, my snuggle buddy. He is the biggest goof ball ever. Clumsy and loving. He chooses his friends wisely just like me. We are 2 peas in a pod. I love my Riley and my Riley loves me <3 x

Vayti said...

Aw, I tried posting a picture but wasnt able to.

Well Benny the Turtle, he's quiet but he likes to walk around all over the house and the yard. Sometimes I lose him for days but he always comes back lol.

I have 2 Cockatiels, Fiesty & Snappy. Their names are their personality. Snappy is always making weird noises at me and snapping her head towards me every time I feed them. It's so funny. Feisty just flies around and is a little feisty with me but not as much as snappy.

I have 3 pigeon pets. They don't live with me but they always come for dinner time. I named them Coco, Fifi, & Billy. They always come to eat, I put food on the pool table for them so I consider them pets :)

Last but not least my 4 dogs. There's Pachino the Doberman Pincher, he's strong and lovable with me but when strangers come over of try to do anything he will bite despite his size. He survived after a truck ran him over. I've had him since I was little. I have too many funny stories with him :). There's Goofy & Chuchi, they are "Chihuahuas", my uncle brought them from Mexico and they were teacups so it was believable that they were Chihuahuas, but they started growing and growing and growing. they are both a little bigger than Pachino. So funny, the vet didn't even know what breed but I love them despite of what they are. They are both lovable. All 3 of them like to try to "hunt" my pigeons. I'm happy they never catch them, don't know what I would do if they ever did. And then there is Tiny. She is the newest of the clan and probably the 2nd meanest next to Pachino. She is an Applehead Chihuahua and barks at everything and everyone. She hates men and barks at them the most. She also like to bite people's ankles. Quite the personality.

All of my pets have been adopted except for Chuchi & Goofy which my uncle purchased in Mexico while living there. Every animal in this world has a personality, I've had all kinds of pets and hope to continue having more. Really which I could've posted the picture.

Thanks for this awesome giveaway. Good luck to everyone. And even if I don't win, I'm fine with it. I just love talking about the pets I have and saying stories. They are my babies :)