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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The week in review

Hey guys.. Another week flashed by!

This Summer holiday is going so fast!

But here are some of the highlights that made me smile...

A wonderful late birthday surprise parcel from a sweet friend!

Ethel.. Walter and Mildred! How amazing?

And the Walter rose FINALLY turned up too..

So little knitted Walter was happy.. And I can finally sit and talk to my boy!

The feeling that Autumn is on the way...

Late Summer always feels good!

Time with these guys...

Making the scarecrow for the annual competition..

Meet Gerald

I love making these every year for my Dad's plot..

Sadly he didn't win.. But that's ok.. He's got the whole year ahead of him to protect those crops.. And keep Dad company...Dad loves him!

My Dad is like my growing guru..
I can't believe how he keeps 2 allotments in such amazing order..

We picked LOADS of goodies for me and my furry feathered friends

Including this TINY carrot! Haha it was MADE for Mildred!

And these girls were a little unsure about their sunflower head

But Myrtle is always the first to get involved.. Nosey fraggle!

Well then there was lots of work done..
 And that made me smile because I'm finally catching up after getting so behind!

A visit from my brother..

And a new lamp that I treated myself to from my 40th Birthday money!

Yep! A super lovely week... And I'm all set to hit this next one!

What made YOU smile?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

dawn said...

Lovely lamp, and Mildred eating a tiny carrot is so cute! Glad you had a lovely week :)