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Thursday, 7 August 2014

INTRODUCING... Little Miss Mildred Mole

Well it had to happen.... Being a crazy hamster lady I couldn't not have a little friend in my life
So a couple of days before my birthday I decided to just see if my new friend was around.

And then I saw her....

She was in the same tank I met Ethel in... and the same corner.. with 2 others laying on top of her.. just the same as it was with Ethel!

I was planning on finding another boy, but when it happens it happens.

I loved her unusual fur colour and pink paws and nose.. And the little pinky rings around her eyes.. she looked so mole like.

Then she stood up... sniffed me.. and I KNEW!

I thought I'd wait a week and learn a little more about her so I could tell you a bit about her personality and quirks..

She's shy... I've only just been able to pick her up in the last couple of days.. 
But she's still like a slippery banana and so small!

She takes the tiniest seeds from my hand now and pouches everything, only to empty it all out onto her wheel and run around with it rattling full of food!

She likes carrot and baby corn.. But was very fussy when she got greasy hands eating a small piece of cheese.. She cleans A LOT!

She's a crazy scenter! I've never had a ham so crazy about scenting her area.. 
It's like a full time job rubbing around the crevices of that home!

She's busy... Walter was always an old man.. But she likes to be doing stuff so I treated her to a little climbing frame for her house.

She drinks a lot like Walter which is fun because I get to hear that little water bottle noise in the day and say hello lots.

But I get the feeling she's going to be cheeky like Ethel.. I caught her nibbling the wheel on her first day!

I'm so excited to be learning more about her every day!

I'm going to have to be patient with her but all good things happen in time.. And she's going to be a great sidekick and inspiration, I can feel it already! 

Its so funny that she's so mole like because I had a dream after I lost Walter which was totally ridiculous but included my Mum having a tank full of hamsters and saying to me

"It would really help if you could take this mole off my hands!"

Hahaha it was meant to be!

So there she is.. Mildred! 

And here she is as a wookie!

Haha watch out! There will be a giveaway this weekend.. For the chance to get YOUR pet wookified!

A hamster makes a home extra HAPPY!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Princess and the Bear said...

She is absolutely beautiful <3 I love her pink nose and her eyes and her little pink hands holding her food, holding the wheel as she nibbles, shes very inquisitive :) You are going to have great adventures. I wonder what her TV treat will be? xxxx

PeachSponge said...

What a precious little baby! So cute :)

Cordelia Earle said...

She is too delicious looking and like you said definitely unusual colouring.

I hope you have many happy memories together.