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Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Catching up

Well as usual I'm slow and behind with my weekly blogs.. 
BUT.. Here's a catch up of all the fun I've been having!

The last week before the summer holidays started was perfect.. Winding down.. Catching up with orders.. and making plans.. Getting ready for changes.. Plotting adventures.. Watching the summer skies and hanging with my feathery furry friends.. 

And then they were here.. The summer holidays.. We spent the first day playing in the sunshine with Tiny up at the local field.. We visited the chicken shop with Mum and Dad and treated the chickens to some new goodies for their run... Dad brought us some fresh produce from his allotments and my new wellies arrived and were chicken peck approved! Hah the good life! A new ebay vintage skirt... Thunderstorms... Sunsets... Chicken wookies and  a whole load of sunny fun!

Then it was my birthday week! WOOP! The big 40!
Haha...It was also Jacob's week off. So we went to the park.. Went on loads of adventures... I got the perfect bargain vintage dress just in time for the big day... Birthday fun with my furry boys and family... Oh and I met my new hamster friend! But I'll tell you more about that in my next blog!

But here are some of the moments that made me smile....

Silly fun with my boys

My new friend

A wonderful birthday... The BIG 40!

Tiny winning 2 rosettes at the country fair dog show

Cuddling baby guinea pigs and feeding baby goats

What made YOU smile recently?

Love and rainbows Kitty xx

1 comment:

Princess and the Bear said...

What a lovely post :) You had a great week despite the sadness didnt you? :)
What made me happy? You and my other friends, I'm so lucky to have the greatest support, meeting Beth, having some time without anyone around, getting my stock finally photographed and up for sale, having a bath and being able to get out of it without calling the fire brigade lol Lifes pretty sweet at the moment <3