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Monday, 14 July 2014

Week in review

Hey guys.. Well unfortunately after a wonderful week came a not so sunny one..

10 days of nursing my sweet Walter through his old age took its toll on me and I think a bug hit me whilst I was low.. So the moment he left me I fell horribly ill!

But.. Here are the things that made me smile..

Getting to know my girls...


My gorgeous.. greedy..grub guzzling honey bun!
She's the pushiest and bravest so far.. Lots to say for herself and so comical to take pictures of.


My sweet.. sleepy.. shy girl!
She is a real napper... Loves to lay about in the sunshine.. Hangs out with her twin sis lots but is coming out of her shell and copying Toetoo more and more.. So getting braver but still with a massive shy streak!


My funny.. Nosey... Stubborn little fraggle!

Always snooping about.. poking her beak into everything.. Telling her twin sis what to do and then getting grumpy when she doesn't do it.. Refuses to follow.. Last to bed!

Yep these girls arrived just at the right time to make me smile..

They have settled in so well in just one week..

It's like they've always been part of the family!

Obviously a big part of the week was the sad loss of dear Walter..

But reasons to be happy are.. He lived to a ripe old hamster age of 2 and a half with me here in this luxury tank of his.. Adored and doted on by not only his family but friends and a worldwide audience..

He received fan mail!

And truly lived the life.. He drifted off in his sleep so peacefully surrounded by the people that loved him and I couldn't ask for any more!

I have been followed around by this little cloud at the bottom... My Walty!

Well due to being unwell.. I didn't go out much but when I did.. It was nice to escape with this boy

And just smell the flowers and watch the world go by!

Then nap.... Naps are good!

I also had some lovely mail from some sweet friends this week..

Beautiful embroidered brooches from Ruth of RuthZanoni

Which look amazing on my adventure bag

And sweet shrinky Ethel and Walter jewellery from Claudia of ninefruitspie

Look how sweet they look together! 

So not to much to report this week.. 
But considering the blues there were certainly a few sunshine moments.. And that's the ones we're counting.. Right?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

DEDICATED to WALTER... Thank you for the sunshine!
My littlest friend from 29th January 2012 - 9th July 2014

In my heart always  

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