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Sunday, 13 July 2014

The week in review

Sorry I'm late guys.. I've been pretty poorly this week but this was my last AWESOME week!

And the things that made me smile...

The most perfect sunset sky....

And enjoying it with my boys..

I am loving these Summer evenings

Making wishes..

And collecting treasures..

Spotting the beautiful flowers

Playing with aps..

Listening to the happiest music and my new hero

Nahko Bear

And dancing whilst dressed as a rainbow!

And THEN....... Came Saturday.. And my annual visit from my best friend and her lovely family!

Oh and our CHICKENS!!!!

YES! I'm a chicken Mum!

This is Myrtle



Noah's chicken is Myrtle's twin ZELDA

And then there's Jacob's... TOETOO 

She's a REAL character! 

I love them all so much!

I made Gill a present and card because I am such a forgetful scatty friend

And I think CHICKEN CHUM day should be a national holiday!

Georgia made me an awesome loom band chicken keyring for my keys!

Isn't it the cutest?

We had cake and lots of laughs while the boys built an AMAZING run!

I am so excited about how our  little garden looks now..

It just goes to prove you can make tiny gardens work!

I built the mini veg garden myself from an old pallet..
 I find lots of small garden inspiration on Pintrest!

Oh and Tiny was VERY excited to see his Auntie Gill!

Sunday we relaxed with out new feathery friends
and ate our fresh produce in the garden!

Eggs from Gill... Produce and sweet peas from Dad's allotment

Aww.. In my Ethel mug!

I told Walty all about the chickens too...

He laughed!

Living the good life!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Charity Blaine said...

:) Such a bright, beautiful, cheerful post

Gill Bavington said...

Fantastic weekend !!!! Thank you so much for my present and the cake and for being a very special friend. Love ya lots xxxxxx

Cordelia Earle said...

You have such a lovely little family, all two legged, four legged and furry feathers.

Hugs to you xxx