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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

A tribute to a special friend

It's with great sadness that I have to say that after a long hard week of caring for my sweet old man Walter.. He finally let go and drifted off peacefully in his sleep.

After a wonderful 2 and a half years with him as my littlest furry friend we both understood that the time had come and we said our final goodnights..

I found him this morning curled up peacefully in the place I had left him last night.

My sweet little cloud boy has left 
but I know every time I see an extra fluffy cloud I will know he's with me

It was 2 and a half years ago when I lost me sweet Ethel.. I decided the time was right to find a new friend to help heal the emptiness that only a hamster can fill.

After a 4 hour car drive from pet shop to pet shop.. I saw him!
I said "Are you my softy Walter?"
and he looked at me... I knew he was!

So so different from Ethel... She was a real tomboy
Walter was a real softy... Like a little old man from the start.

A little lazy.. LOVED his food.. Especially rich tea and custard cream biscuits!

Even on his last days where he was so tired, he still managed to nibble his favourite biscuits..

I have so many magical memories..

This is my favourite Walty picture.. It just sums him up!

Haha afro ken Walty

WHAT!?? The shocked face! He was so animated!

Eurovision was his favourite! He was backing Engelbert all that way in 2012

2014 he wasn't so keen on our entry but still got up to support!

We loved to watch the new year fireworks together

The worst bit about New Year with a hamster is realising that you may not have another...
 But you make the most of every one! 

Sweaty little boy

It's amazing I ever got to sleep with this little face watching me

Custard cream rainbow dream

Haha he looks like he needed a tiny knife and fork here!

Sweet wookie!

Water! He LOVED his water!!!! He would get up loads of times a day...
I'll miss that!

Yeah I will really miss that!

The one thing I'd change about hamsters is their life expectancy.. 
But I'd not change a single other thing!

They are the strongest.. funniest.. sweetest little creatures in the world!
My spirit animal for sure..

I think their little lives mean that there are LOTS of them we need to meet in our lives..

And one day soon... I will meet my next hamster friend!

But never forget the ones I've lost... They have all left hamster shaped holes in my heart!

I chose this rose for Walter's pot...

A fluffy white cloud rose.. Named little white pet.


Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Gill Bavington said...

So so sorry Kitty x I always tell Georgia and Oliver that I believe you have little pockets in your heart and every time you lose someone you love they sit in one of those pockets so they are always there with you. Walter will be with you forever in a little pocket in your heart, safe and warm. Love ya x

suzie jay sroka said...

Love and hugs Kitty xxx