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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Erm... June where did you go?

AAGH! Ok ok I KNOW I promised I'd be a better blogger..
But then I blinked and June just flew out of the door!

So here's a little recap...

Fathers day prep... Time out in the woods where I belong.. A breakfast date with my Jacob.. 
And just hanging out with that pup

A trip to the vets with Walty... Cuddle therapy... Woods adventures.. Fathers day..
Remembering Ethel and stopping to smell the flowers.

Stitching in the sunshine... Hanging with my favourite boys... Picking roadside weeds...
Noah went to camp... We had a curry and horror movie date night...  Sunbeams making my days happy... The longest day and we chased the sunset!

Yep all in all that was pretty awesome! 

Now I'm ready for July! The month I turn 40 haha... Let's get it stuffed full of the good stuff! 

What are YOU looking forward to!?

Love and rainbows
Kitty xxx

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