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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Catching up!

Running a little late with this one too but I am DETERMINED to catch up!

Starting with last weeks 365 photos for my daily photo project with Fat Mum Slim..

Ready... Get ready to run Tiny! Here comes your nemesis Mr Swan!

I spy... Plush goodies by so many of my favourite artists! 

Lines.... Across the wire

From where I walk... Tiny and I headed out on out daily adventure.. Today we went here!

Create...a peek at what's on my work desk today!

Bag... Well a girl and her pup need an adventure bag for wanders in the woods!

Something I drew... A card for my brother's birthday x

Alone... Never alone! Not with this little guy by my side..

Waiting... For ME to get the ball AGAIN!

Card... I collect words.. Cards that mean something and inspire me to keep on keeping on even when I'm tired.. Sad or just feel like it's not worth it! It's always worth it!

Free... Tomato plants from Dad! Yay for growing your own! 

Black and white... Im still keeping up with my daily doodle diary.. But no time to colour it in so it's all black and white! 

Sunrise.. It was tricky to catch a sunrise at the weekend.. But here goes!

Neighbourhood... Standing on the edge of mine looking over to the next one!

And here are my 4 photo walk mosaics!

There are a few less because we have had some rain and Tiny is NOT a fan of the rain..

But the walks are always beautiful..Whatever the weather!

So.. Lets see what else has happened?

Well it was my brother's birthday!

So I made him a cake... And some other silliness..

I found a pocket money hoopla set so I've been enjoying playing hoopla with Tiny...

It cost £2.50 and I SWEAR it's the most fun toy we have!

I got a new phone!

I love that it;s sunshine yellow but hate that apple are being stingy with the storage!
But never mind... It's just making me be more organised I guess and taking the pictures off my phone more regularly! Plus it's £10 cheaper a month and that HAS to be a good thing!

We had baby pigeons in the nest..

 I was so excited... They were the cutest little things.. But sadly they didn't survive. The change in temperature may have played a part in it... Very sad!

But I gave them a sweet burial and wished dear Little Wing all the best!

She's been back to say hello and this has made me feel happier!

I've been cloud spotting

I adore clouds!!

I've also been hanging with my trusy sidekick and adventure buddy Tiny!

and creating some fun new stuff

I've had some awesome mail

Which Tiny clearly took for himself!



Bought for me on the way home from school by my lovely boy!

and sunshine!

So there you go.. a quick 2 week catch up!

Now lets see if I can actually do this weeks one on time!

Thanks for stopping by.... Any exciting news?
I'd love to hear from you!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Rhaeii said...

*peeks in* Hello! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I'm finally making my return and I wanted to say hello :3

I love your adventure bag, did you make it? I admit I wondered if you were still doing your doodle diary because I'd not seen any new pictures of it on Flickr and I find them very inspiring! I'm very glad to see that you are!