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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lets catch up

Wowzers! Where do the days go?
Well because it's been so crazy here I now have 2 weeks worth to catch up on..

Here we go.. Starting with my 365 photos..

Chaotic... The ONLY way to describe my desk this morning!

Contrast... I am in love with dandelion wishes and playing with them in the light.. I love the contrast of their silhouettes on the clear blue sky

Something silly.. Hah I saw these on Saturday with my Mum and thought the names had been mixed up! In my opinion.. The bottom one should definitely be called HOT BUNS!

Begins with j..... My favourite jar!

Snack... Rainbow drops! Well what did you expect?

Collection... My vintage cardigans.. So far 14 and one more on the way!!

Us... Best friends

4pm.... Playing crazy ball in the garden with Tiny and Noah!

From down low.... My favourite view... I'm a cloud chaser

Taken from above... Best friends on a bench in the sunshine

Blue...My favourite vintage blues!

Favourite... It's Walty's favourite event of the year! Eurovision...

In the garden I found this.... Tiny shouting at Wellie.. Although he insists that he was telling her an adventure story!

Mother... A constant inspiration... I love this old photo.. Watching me work.. Cheering me on!

 Here's a little catch up with my daily walk mosaics..

I feel so blessed to live so near to the wonderful heath and so much nature..
Our daily walks are so magical, even a walk to the post office means popping to say hello to the ducks!

Also it was Jacob's birthday!!!!

HAH I love that boy! Little bit jealous that he was 26 though!

I baked him a cake..

And made a special squid wookie

and card

To go with the 2DS and melodica.. And we finished the day with a big Chinese takeaway!

Oh and not forgetting Walty's FAVOURITE annual event...


Haha bless him... It was his 3rd! He loves it!
Here are the flashbacks of the previous eurovisions..

Haha bless him! 

Time spent with these guys always makes me smile...

Noah is still a sweetheart at 13! I feel pretty blessed for that..
It's not always easy.. But nothing worth it ever is huh?

That bond is amazing!

And a little catch up with the fortnights random pics of my furry family!

Here are my SPT Thursday pictures..

And the reason I've been such a bad blogger is that I have been so busy with my orders..

I'll share a couple with you and blog about all my new wookies in a few days because I have SO MANY new designs I can't wait to make.. Plus the competition winners to share!

But I made this jumbo hamster angel plush..

In memory of a very special hamster...

And went back in time to the puff.. When I received an order for a puff brooch!

So there we go... A fortnight of fun and silliness..

Hope yours was fun!

Please stop and say hello! I'd love to hear about you guys..

Love and rainbows Kitty x


Princess and the Bear said...

My week, looking back, was lovely too :) Ive finally got to meet my friends baby Isaac, and he became my bestie :) As you know Ive decided to make a plan so next week will be more productive. Ive had more orders for crochet cushions too, but all I can think of is MONSTERS!!! hahahh <3 love and light precious xx

Marta Chan said...

Oh kitty I love your vintage cardigans, they look so sweet ♡ ♡ I always lije to see your family pics, they make me smile. Happy bday to jacob and have a wonderful pink week =)

Daisy Sunshine said...

Lovely! I've been a rubbish reader, due to assignments taking over my life, but lovely to escape and see a bit of sunshine (if only from here). Have a lovely week xxx