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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Wookie me up GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys!

Well it's been a while since the last giveaway 


And how happy Jack was with his wookie twin? 

VERY!! Haha complete with minecraft wookie suit!

And then for my Noah's 13th Birthday.. I made him the NOAH GAMER WOOKIE!

Haha he loved his little guy too! Complete with vintage SNES controller..
Because my boy is a real gamer! 

I even made little anniversary versions for me and my Jacob!

And inspired by my childhood and sweet memories have been doodling other versions inspired by me and my brother as children!

I LOVED guinea pigs.. Well I still do!

He loved LEGO! 

Well we both did but here's an idea of how we would have been as children!

SO... With all these crazy wookie ideas in my head and the need to create fun versions of other people..
Adults..children..pets..superheroes..fairy tale characters.. The list is limitless..

But I thought it would be fun to design YOU guys!

SO.. I am offering 3 people the chance to get wookiefied!

Starting RIGHT now and ending on 1st May.. All you need to do is..

Leave a comment here telling me your favourite colour and thing!

THING? Well something that you think people would think of YOU if they saw..

Are you a crazy cat lady? A football fan? A knitter? 

Just let me now here..

I'd love to get to know more about you guys!

Then please share this blog.. You could TWEET it.. FACEBOOK it.. 
Stick flyers up.. Or tell a pigeon to spread the word!

Please just share and I will pick 3 names at random on Thursday 1st MAY at 9pm GMT!

So go on guys have a go! And GOOD LUCK!!!! 

Love and rainbows Kitty XXX


Helen Deakin said...

Hi kitty, and i bet you know what i'm going to say lol. I love the colour purple and anyone that knows me, knows my favourite thing is cats :) xxx

Princess and the Bear said...

How exciting :)
Well, its hard to choose, I think my favourite colour at the moment is pale pink, and what would you say about me...i'm a knitter, a dog lover, a chicken lady. I see my wookie as a pink, blonde lady with big blue eyes, a feather in her hair, a daisy chain round her head, holding a brown chicken in her arms with a little white dog by her side :D hahahah love <3

Gill Bavington said...

A wookie me, how fantastic !!! Right my favourite colour hmmmmmmmmmmm Well I like red it must be the romantic in me lol. My wookie would hold a cello so she could practice wherever she went and balanced on top would be ................. a little chick haha. Oh and she would have a Riley dog too. I think I have covered a bit about me. What do you think ? xxxxxx

Lost Star said...

Hehe, those are so cute! My favourite colour at the moment (it changes!) is turquoise! My favourite thing is my camera and I adore LEGO too! :)

Lincolnunicornlover said...

I like the colors purple and pink and I am obsessed with unicorns. :)

Meadow said...

i like purple and i love teddy bears :)

ChrissieBOW's said...

My favourite colour is purple and I suppose it depends on who is looking at me. FB world would see my little dolls (ChrissieBOWs) and people at home would probably still see a crazy sewing lady haha. x

Daisy Sunshine said...

I love these! My favourite colour is pink and my favourite thing is Alice in Wonderland! Either the book or anything related. Definitely Tenniel's drawings, rather than the Disney cartoon. I have rosebushes painted red at home and 'This Way' and 'That Way' signs dotted about :D xx

Miss Angel said...

Awesome Kitty! My fav color right now is gray and black striped! Lol! Seriously, I'm like so drawn to that at the moment! But an actual, single color... I would say charcoal gray. And I'm all about Vikings! :)

Alamea said...

Green, always lots and lots of green! And of course, one of my most favorite things is Dr. Who! <3 :)

Stephanie Ann said...

If I had to pick a color, I'd say my favorite color is purple but inline everything leopard print! Lol and I am OBSESSED with yarn and knitting and crocheting! ♥

Beki said...

Can I choose leopard print as a colour, love pink too though and my favourite things are reading and crochet.
I'd love to have a wookie me sat next to Jack wookie so fingers crossed xxx

p.s can't wait to show Jack he's featured here

Annie said...

I love pink, my baby girl (not a thing, but she's my thing) and cats. A wookie me would be a perf Canadian Mother's Day gift. <3

Cordelia Earle said...

My colour would definitely be purple and I think people would think of a sewing machine!!

Vayti said...

very interesting questions, i have like 4 favorite colors lol. i love yellow, pink, blue, and green. but if i had to pick just 1 i would go with cotton candy pink. LOVE that color lol. and as for my favorite thing? that is even more tough, i do so much but my favorite thing to do is travel (to disney or the beach) :) but i love to road trip, the beach, and do crafts :)

gemma robinson said...

Well this is amazing!! I LOVE the colour blue... although everything i own is purple?! lol i think people see movie things and think of me. Whether is be film strip photo frames or oldie movie posters :)

I think that covers it lol

linriv said...

well im the crazy cat lady, i look after cats while their owners are on holiday. My colour is blue/lilac. I'm also an artist so I'd have wild hair a paintbrush and pencil behind my ears and paint on my clothes x

Karen Adamson said...

My favourite colour is PURPLE and my favourite THINGS are my children (3 of them). I would love to win a look-a-like Wookie for my daughter who turns 16 next month and who will also play her last match for her beloved under 16's girls football team. I would love to win a Wookie of her in her stripy kit as seen in our fabulous Family Doodle x

Meadow said...

I like black, purple, white and pink. And i like cats and dogs. My boyfriend said that i have personality of a cat :)

Rieckie Muchow said...

I would love to be Wookiefied..
I love that Barbie Pink colour..and I collect Barbie dolls and Bears.

Rieckie Muchow said...

I would love to be Wookiefied..
I love that Barbie Pink colour..and I collect Barbie dolls and Bears.

Caroline Anderson said...

Hi Kitty, my favourite colour is turquoise and i'm known for making cupcakes!

Daisy Sunshine said...

My favourite colour is orange and I love unicorns and dogs!! <3 xx (from Neve)

Kitty Pinkstars said...

ChrissieBOW's... Annie and Princess and the bear

THANK YOU so much to everyone for joining in... I wish I could make you all winners! But I will be holding another competition soon.. So keep your eyes peeled xxx

ChrissieBOW's said...

Thank you so much I am so excited! x

Marta Chan said...

All right, one day late but I'd like to share my fave thing is traveling (as you can see in my blog) I love your style Kitty and Noah is so adorable!