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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Weekly catch up!

Hey guys... Happy new week!

Here's my little catch up..

Starting with my weeks worth of 365 pictures..

One of a kind....
 The thing I love about old clothes... I'll never look like everyone else in town!
I call this one my Ethel dress.. It ALWAYS makes me think of that sweet girl!

The fluffiest..softest.. Cutest.. Soppiest.. Sweetest cat I think I've ever met.. Dollie Bubble!

I am here.... 
Wherever this guy is! I've always had cats.. never thought I'd have a dog..
But this guy!? Well I can't remember life without him.. He's my best friend!

Something I made... I love my job! I get to make these guys every day! a very old friend bringing back some memories..
Meet Little Ted.. Then and now!

 Tape should ALWAYS have animals in it!

Time goes so very fast! This little guy? He's gonna be 13 next week! 
We must have had fun because it has flown!

The rest of the week in pictures..

My new exercise regime started.. Hula hooping and sit ups.
Learning to love this healthy lunch!

Amazing mail days...
Yummy vintage fabrics.. Now I need more hours to make another quilt!

Wonderful brooch art from one of my favourite artists and super sweet friend

I had to have it from the moment I saw it...

After all.. It looks just like me, don't you think?

My regular trip to the wish tree to top up on tags and tidy up!

And time spent watching these guys..

WARNING! This photo is mildly explicit! HAHAHAHA! 
This was so funny! I was in bed with tiny enjoying a lay in when his squeaky toy downstairs kept making a noise! Noah went down and took this photo.. Dear Wilbur he didn't even seen to realise that he was making a noise he was sat on the you or that it looked a little rude!

Dear old Wilbur! HAHA!

Then the weekend..

On Saturday we took a trip to the beach. I love to be by the sea..
It's one of the places I feel truly at home. I feel so blessed to have been born so near to the coastline.

I could sit and watch the waves for hours!

I think Tiny loves it too... 
He's still a little unsure of the waves but at least this week he goes his feet wet!

Sunday was MOTHER'S DAY! 

Here's MY Mum... The strongest.. funniest..kindest.. most glamorous Mum I could ask for..

So I made some extra special presents.. I do love handmade gestures for these kinds of days,
it reminds me of the tissue paper flowers I made my Mum as a girl!

And when my Noah handed me THIS card.. 
WOW! Well I just KNEW I must be doing something right..

Aww... It made me cry it was so special!
Celebrating and thanking me for 12 AMAZING.. FUN.. ACTION PACKED SPECTACULAR years with me.. His MUM!

He'll be 13 this week.. And it's not always easy, thats for sure!
But this just makes me realise that it's all worth it, the reason for hanging in there when it gets rough and making the most of all the fun!

Inside.. He'll always be my little boy! And he loves me.. And feels safe knowing I love him back!

We had a wonderful day.. A lovely lay in..

 breakfast in bed..

 a magical wander in the woods..

And some beautiful presents..

These from my fur babies..

And these from my boy!

We curled up on the sofa in the afternoon, watching Monsters University before heading out for an evening walk.. Then we curled up in bed and watched tv.
I couldn't have asked for a better day!

So yep! A pretty amazing week..
Packed full of rainbow coloured goodness.. Sunshine.. Fluffy friends... Vintage loveliness...Awesome mail... Creativity... Getting back to nature.... And a magical Mother's day  Happy new week guys!

And thanks for stopping by..

How was YOUR week?

I'd love to hear..

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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