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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Hello April!

WOW! The weeks sure fly by..

Here are the next 7 photos from my 365 photo project with FMS

Faux.... Fur! Well that's what my little wookie zoo is made from! 
I do feel blessed that I am surrounded by colour and fluff as my job. 

Something purple... Birthday preparations on my favourite chair!

In my hand... Busy week. Stitching stitching stitching!

Shapes.. One of the reasons I collect cacti are all the wonderful shapes they come in..
They are so much fun to collect.. It's fun to find a new one!

Good together.. What can I say? I love my boy... My sidekick..pal.. inspiration.. greatest creation ever!
Hah and although it's not always easy.. Especially as he turns into a teen.. The fun stuff makes the hard times easier.. After all like with anything I guess, you only get out what you put in!

And he's my greatest creation! 

Not mine... He's a rolling stone.. No time to stop and gather moss! One day he'll move on to a new friend..

A taste of Spring... Although it's been dull and raining a lot... 
My clematis in bloom shows me that Spring IS here!
Now if the sun would just come out to play.

Oooh and speaking of Spring! With Easter nearly upon us...
Here are my Easter wookies!

But this week seemed to be all about THIS little guy..

haha well I mean THIS not so little guy I guess...

Because my Noah turned 13!!

I baked him a minecraft grass block cake!

And he was over the moon with his X-Box 1 and gamer wookie!

After school doughnut!

And time to make a wish!

Tiny loves birthdays.... He's a little balloon crazy!

Even if we did have the first balloon casualty!

It was a wonderful day... He wasn't expecting the secret presents we bought so was in shock when I asked him to peep under the table!

WOW! 13....  still can't quite believe it, but I'm so proud!

Hmm.. What else happened this week? 
Oooh yes.. I bought a couple of new cacti to add to my collection...

And I had some magic mail from wonderful friends..

Lots of lovely goodies for me and Tiny

And a magic parcel for the wish tree!

WOW! Well that was a crazy week huh Tiny?..... Tiny? 

Haha night night little guy!

Yep it was pretty wonderful.. 

And NOW it's the holidays!!!!

How was YOUR week? And do you have anything fun planned for Easter?

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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