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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Last week...

Haha! Late as usual.... Almost ready for the next week!

Well here are my 365 photos to start with..

This little guy always likes to have an afternoon snuggle! He just likes to be close #bestfriend

Four things... 
I found on my walk! I love the beauty in nature

Entrance... To Walty's world!

A pop of colour...
Little signs of Spring coming up from the dark.

To keep wishing.. Hoping.. Dreaming and see the magic everywhere!

Enjoy the little things... 
Free seeds.. Finding lucky stones with holes and looking forward to spending time in my garden this summer! 

Under my feet! 
Hah being under mine all morning must have worn these guys out!

And on to the rest of what happened...

First we had an extra holiday day... YAY for Bank Holiday Mondays!

Time spent with my boy.... And a visit to the wish tree

Before it got WAAAY too busy out there so we headed home for some peace and quiet!

I started a new project...

My daily walks in 4 photo mosaics...

I really enjoy finding something different and beautiful on every walk.
I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful place!

My obsession with dandelion wishes continued..

There were tiny ducklings at the pond..... EEK!!!

And I know you want to catch up with MY furry friends..

Dollie had to pop to the vets.. A few antibiotics and she was back home rolling in her catnip stash!

Haha asbo cat!

Alice was taking it easy..

And here's Walty...

My trusty sidekick... Tiny... Haha always smiling!

Even when he slipped in the pond!

Poor soggy Tiny!

Rain stopped my Noah's St George's day scout parade..but didn't he look smart? 

I've been busy stitching... And cutting out a load more tiny pieces for more orders!

Also this week I had some awesome mail! 
A happy parcel from my friend Beki 

And look at the lovely card from her son Jack! My new little friend..

How awesome!? I little thank you card for the wookie I made him in the giveaway! Little acts of sweetness like this really make me smile! 

And look... Flowers for the wish tree..

Another happy parcel from my friend Gill... Easter came late and it was fab!

And look.... MORE goodies for the wish tree!

I love how good the tree is looking with all this love...

And my trusty adventure bag is looking the part too..

Yep! A pretty amazing week in a lot of ways.. I hope yours was too?

Thanks so much for stopping by... Please say hello! I love to hear what you've been up to..

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx