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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Turn off tune in...

Sorry for vanishing guys... Since 1st march I have had crazy internet issues! Fingers crossed they are sorted now so I'm grabbing a quick moment to catch up with you!

Firstly here are my next 14 photos in my fat mum slim 365 day photo project..

Light... In the sky? No way.... Must be nearly Spring!

My view today.... My view is his view

Reflection.... Watching it on the water whilst taking time out to reflect!

Cut.... It takes ages to cut out all the little pieces.. But worth it when the little faces are smiling at me!

Half.... Half way through upholstering this old chair of my Nan's I gave up... Starting again next week.. I don't want it to stay half finished!

Something borrowed..BMO from Noah!

My name is... Kitty 

On my mind.... Waiting on rest results for my mighty wizard.. I love this little old man.. Always on my mind!

i is for.. Inside, tucked away behind the curtain in my own little world!

Chair.... My Nan's special chair! I saved it.. Loved it and made it new again!

Fly... When I see a trail in the sky I think it's someone flying down from my home planet and I don't feel so lonely!

In the corner... Snowy bear the friend from my childhood keeps watch!

10am... We were headed here!

And an update on the wizard! He had his blood test results back...
Liver.. Kidneys and thyroid GREAT!

The vet listened to his lungs and they sounded clear, so considering his asthma FAB!

Just got to keep taking special care of that little heart!

But WELL DONE WILBUR! You gorgeous wizard boy!

Tiny had his annual jabs..

He was so scared! But happy to be home chilling out!

Another trip to the wish tree!

A cycle by the sea... Finding rainbows in the rubbish washed ashore after the crazy storms

Lots of sunshine! Even my Spring jacket made it out of the wardrobe!

Awesome presents from a lovely friend

New creations

The March happy kits were released..

New spring fabrics.... Bringing inspiration!

I spent time with my favourite boys...

Flowers and plants from my Jacob...

Beachy trips... The first Sunday was a little windy

The next one was much sunnier...

Yep life without the internet was a bit of a pain...
But it makes you tune back into real life and the world around you!

So for that.... I'm grateful!

So here are my week in review shots! 

What have you guys been up to?

I'd love to hear from you...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Daisy Sunshine said...

Aww I love reading what you've been up to. It always makes me smile :) xx