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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


As much as I'd love to be on time with this blog every week... Hah I need more hours in the day!

Anyway.. Here's my 365 photo a day catch up...

Today's weather... 
It couldn't decide WHAT it wanted to do.. And my little weather people weren't sure either!

Five years ago... 
In preparation of Spring.. I made this lamb costume! Hah 5 years later.. I still got that bounce and it still fits! Woop! #muttondressedaslamb

Cropped... Well it is March! Out with the scissors.. Hello little hairstyle! 

When I first met my Jacob 5 years ago..there were so many signs that he was my soul mate.. One of them were the wonderful letters he wrote me.. All with hidden messages! I keep them all in my memory box.. Every now and then I grab a letter and read how this magical journey started!

I wish for one day my wish tree to be full!
I love to read all the things that people have wished for... It makes me feel connected to people in a way I never really have before..

A really beautiful one!
Blue skies.. Fluffy clouds.. Spring is here!

I'm loving... 
Game of thrones marathons with my very own little luck dragon..

So yes, on the subject of Game of Thrones.. 
Well I'm ALWAYS a latecomer.. I usually avoid the hype before thinking 
Oh go on then.. Let's see what ALL the fuss is about.

And BOY did I see..

Haha Tiny and I have been having daily GOT marathons as I work!

I'm hooked! I fell for the rough and ready Khal Drogo within minutes.. 
Adore John Snow from the bottom of my heart..
And am totally hooked on Tyrion lannister's quick wit and schemes!

Yep.. Here are my team at house Kittypinkstars!

Minus Wellie the stalker who was clearly spying on me from another location!

But when we actually left the sofa.. We lapped up the Spring weather at the park..

Beautiful skies..

One girl and her luck dragon at the wish tree..

Rainbows of positivity..

Lots more wishes..

Hanging out with this guy makes me so very happy! 

And I think he feels the same about me! Check out that smile!

So after the fun in the sun it was back to work...

From the inspiration to the finished creation..

And from doodle to the real deal...

I was really pleased how these guys worked out and was overwhelmed with the response on my Facebook page!

I created lots of mothers day cards too but I will reveal them after the day itself so there are no spoilers!

This weeks self portrait
 (I can't bear the word selfie, along with amazeballs and totes.. I'm old fashioned I guess)

and I'm not a sheep.. never have been..never will be.. 

BUT the important thing to do is donate..

so that's what I did.. (Ok I'm dressed as a sheep..haha)


My faceless SPT because I always take a self portrait on a Thursday anyway.. It's always silly and certainly not a vanity project!

If you want to see my funny little face without my slap.. You have to buy me dinner first.. hah!

I was really disappointed at some of the catty remarks on Facebook to people either not feeling comfortable for joining in or just being mean out of jealousy or just for the sake of it!
Come on girls.. We're supposed to be fighting this TOGETHER... 

And we should all know by now.. REAL beauty comes from within!

Oh and these guys had to get in on the dress up fun.. Haha love them!

And before you know it.. It's sleepy Sunday again!

A SUPER CREATIVE week! Stuffed full of new creations.. doodles.. wishes.. rainbows.. the wizard of oz.. time with my little luck dragon Tiny.. Cuddles with team KPS... Dressing up for Spring.. Beautiful skies.. 

Hope you had a good one.

Here's to the next...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Catching up

Hey guys.. Well there we are.. Another busy week!

Here are the next 7 photos in my 365 project with Fat Mum Slim...

So far away... The end of my to do list seems so do so far away!

Something good... Patience is a virtue but not always easy... Surrounding myself with sunflowers (a symbol of something good) whilst waiting and hoping!

Partial... Yesterday Noah caught me asking the universe for a Wispa Gold.... Today my cosmic order was granted! I'm not really a chocolate girl.. But I'm partial to one of these now and then!

Fresh... The air felt fresh this morning as I headed out with my little furry friend for a wander in the park!

Care.. My new phone cover arrived today.. I needed a quick replacement as my wooden one broke.. I decided how better to care for my phone than wrap it in a rainbow!

Evening.... Maybe I could get used to the light evenings...

Beautifully ordinary! The way he snuggles in under my knees when we are waiting patiently... #bestfriends

We had some beautiful weather last week... It really felt like Spring!

Tiny and I enjoyed wanders to the park..

He loved to be without his coat and soaking up the sunshine!

Sniffing the daffodils

Making wishes

Dad brought daffodils over from his allotment plot..

A little of the outside..inside!

And as for this little guy.. Well all that wandering in the mud meant BATH TIME!

Check out those freshly washed curls!

And a bit of time soaking up the rays of sunlight as they shone through the window!


These kinds of little friends are just handy to have around... Protector and warmer of the belly... Tiny!

I got new cacti for my collection from my lovely Jacob...

I dusted.... Finally...

And managed to get lots of work done...

Wookies finished and sent to their new homes..

And lots of cards on the go...

And then... THE WEEKEND!

And a super productive one it was too...

Lots of new wookies in the shop!

Well that's why I call them 
wookie weekends!!!

Yep another fab week...

Hope your week was fun...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx