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Monday, 24 February 2014

Weekly catch up...

Hey guys.. Well it's been a fun half term week! Who cares that it's been raining, there are always rainbows and sunshine in our little pink house!

Here are the next 7 photos in my 365 project...

Vegetable... My FAVOURITE! BEETROOT!!!!!

Magic.... It's everywhere.. You just have to find it.

Feet... Noah couldn't decide which super hero he should step out as today obviously!

Peace.... Walking round the pond in a rare spot of sunshine with my boys!

Funny... 2 chickens in the mail this week made Noah laugh!

An act of kindness... The smile you give out really does come back to you! A special painting from a special girl to say thank you for the wookie I made her x

This is where I relax... Home sweet home!

And there was also lots of creating...

Fun with this guy...

A few peaceful walks with my boys!

Lots of lazy half term lay ins...

A lovely morning with Mum and Dad and a bit of Spring from my Dad...

Lots of hanging out at home...

And a lovely Sunday visit from my bro and a trip to the rush tree to get it started again for the new season!

So even though it was a dreary wet half term week for most of the time... It's always sunny in our little home! And we had lots of fun!

Thanks for stopping by... Here's to a new week!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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