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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sunday catch up

Finally today after weeks of rain... We had SUNSHINE!

So... It seemed like the perfect day for a walk on the beach!

I LOVE the beach... I feel so blessed to live so near to the ocean. It's the one place I always feel completely at home.

Tiny loves the beach too.. But it was a little busy today, everyone seemed to have been fed up of being stuck inside so decided to get out and get some fresh air. This meant Tiny was a little overwhelmed and barked at a few people and dogs..

Especially at a little boy who had a yellow ball that he wanted to play with

He called him a MAN EATING DOG!

Haha his parents found it so funny!

A lovely day...

The perfect way to end the week.. 

Here are my 365 photos from the past 7 days

Something I bought... Haha in honour and memory of my Nan! 
She'd totally understand... She was a crazy poodle lady!

Dinner.... Spaghetti tv dinner with my boy!

Window.... Every morning I look out and breath in some fresh air before I start the day!

Best invention ever... Haha ok so it's no iPhone.. But when I want jam on my toast and I can't get the lid off the jar! Bring it on!!!

Polka dot... Looking through my fabric stash.. Lots of polka dots! 

You... Yep that's me! Hey guys how are YOU?

Favourite to be between the sky and the sea!

It's been a lovely week!

Stuffed full of creativity..

Look at the smile on my little friends face when she got her special smile wookie!

This seriously makes it all worth it!!

Trips to the pond and the park with my best friend..

Beautiful skies

Yep a pretty good week and can you believe.. The end of the month!??

January gone ALREADY!!!

Here are all my January 365 pics..

And here's the February list..

Having so much fun! Join in guys!

How was YOURS!?? Are you up to anything exciting next week?

I'd love to hear from you... Thanks for popping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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