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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Sorry I'm late!


It's been a busy week.. So I'm a day behind SORRY!

Well.. Here's what I've been up to..

Well firstly the weeks worth of my 365 project photos..

Something Orange... When my sweet hamster Ethel died suddenly.. She took the orange from my rainbow with her! I miss her little face and funny personality! My creative friends helped me create this collection in her memory...My Ethel collection!

Childhood... I feel so blessed.. Mine was magical... I have so many sweet photos... A box full of memories. And here's Snowy bear who I would hide behind at night to stay safe from monsters!

Square.. I found this amazing vintage fabric in my stash!

C is for... Cat! Wilbur the magical wizard cat!

Utensil.... The ones I panic if I lose them... Can't cope without! My favourite scissors

Water... Herbert checks out the circus mirror effects of a glass of water!

I really love these 365 projects with Fat Mum Slim .. They have prompt lists monthly.. Come and give it a try, I'd love to see your pictures!

Also this week.. The mighty wizard Wilbur had to go to the vets for his 6 month health check up.
He was so snuggly in his bed, I felt bad moving him and taking him out into the cold, so I decided it would be best if he wore his wizard robes...

Here is the conversation that ensued..

Jacob "What is the vet going to think when he sees that?"

Me "Erm, that he's a WIZARD of course, silly question!"

Haha the receptionists were LOVING how awesome he looked!

In other news.. The weather is still really bleak!
High winds and continual rain have made our beautiful heath a mud slide so we have been confined to pond walks..

But I found an app that makes even the bleakest photos magical

It's not so great on faces.. Put lipstick on my teeth like one of those crazy old ladies I love.

But amazing on landscapes.

So.. With the weather so bleak, This little guy has been doing a lot of this..

And I've been doing a lot of this...

Animal wookies are becoming an obsession! Haha the possibilities are ENDLESS!

Monsters and hedgehogs!


With all this tiny hand stitching and 4 days of migraines.. There was no more denying it,
time to get those specs on! 

Here's my new look..

Yep I can see now without waiting 10 mins to focus,
 now just to get used to them!

Amidst all the grey though.. We did get a couple of good days...

Which was great because I got to hang out with Jacob.. 

And we managed a sunny day at the beach on Sunday!

Noah worshipping the very rare sunshine!

Tiny loving the sand

A stunning day!

Topped off by my boy asking to have a photograph of us taken.
And if YOU have a 12 year old (Almost 13) you'll know how amazing it is when they move away from the technology.. Drop the high school attitude and show a real sign that they're still in there!

I love my boy so much... And this picture means the world to me..

Even though I look a little like a windswept granny mole!

When we came home, we baked jam tarts together..

And then curled up on the sofa and scoffed the lot!

Spend time with them and make the most of every spare moment...
They grow so fast and you'll never get that back!

Yep a pretty fab week!

How was yours? What did you get up to?

Any plans?

Remember its random acts of kindness week from 10th-16th February!

Let's make people smile a little more...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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Daisy Sunshine said...

Aw brilliant! I love seeing what you've been up to xx