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Sunday, 23 February 2014

From tiny acorns

Once upon a time (in 2009).. 

I found a little acorn tree in the woods.. At Upton Country Park 

A small tree.. overshadowed by the larger ones surrounding it. But i KNEW it was THE TREE!

I'd been looking for a special tree to turn into something special.. Something to make people smile and bring them together!

And I started to fill it with wishes..

And before long... Everyone that passed was leaving a wish..

And it filled up fast!

Even the local paper showed an interest.. 

I was overwhelmed by the response to this little tree that started as a little beacon of positivity to bring people together in a world where we all seem to be drifting apart!

Sadly there are always people who want to spoil things.. And along with vandalism.. lack of time.. lack of funds and awful weather, the tree ended up neglected!

SO.. Today I headed up there with my trusty helpers 
and Tiny sidekick...

Armed with new look tags..
I'm making acorn leaf tags so we can fill the tree with leaves full of hopes and dreams!

I've included the the template below in case you'd like to visit and would like to print out your own tags.

I printed this leaf out 4 times onto a piece of green A4 card

punched a hole into the bottom and threaded string through..

I cleared all the rubbish and old wool strings away and started a fresh...

I left these pretty ribbons as they have lovely positive words written on them..


And a couple of wishes were left..

And we left new wishes...

But I left new pens and a load of leaf shaped tags for people to pop by and leave THEIR wishes!

I'll be revisiting on Friday to take more photos..

In the mean time I have had LOTS of people ask me for any tips on starting their own wish tree..

So here are my top tips..

Find a SPECIAL tree.. One you feel a connection with, make sure its seen but not TOO public!
Mine is set back a little from a walkers path so you can see it but have to head over to visit.

You'll need..

A plastic pocket

a small curtain hook (to hang your plastic pocket of tags from)

  drawing pins (for putting up your sign)


string (wool or ribbon)

scissors and or a guillotine 
(I started cutting my tags just square so a guillotine was perfect but this time I am hand cutting leaf shapes!)


REMEMBER bin bags for regular clear ups

To start with I also made a sign to explain what the tree was all about to people!

These days it's a fairly well known tree so people know where it is and what it's all about..

It felt good to start again and give it a good clear up!

If you start your own wish tree please let me know and we can add it to the group and share with people all around.. I'd love to see pictures!

If you'd like to see more of the wish tree.. I have lots of pictures up here on my flickr

And please join Kitty's wishing tree on Facebook

I will be maintaining the wish tree on a weekly basis.. However in order to keep this going it does cost me for the pens.. tags... string... etc. I am happy to continue doing this as I love this tree, however if anyone would like to make any small donation towards materials.. I have set up a donate button via paypal for anyone wanting to make a tiny donation towards the upkeep!

No pressure and please no donations larger than £2... Thanks so much for just being here, it means a lot!

Thanks so much for just popping by.. It means a lot!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Heather Leavers said...

wonderful to see this is still going. Thank you Kitty :-)