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Saturday, 18 January 2014

When there's no sunshine.. Rip open that cloud!

Sometimes people and days are sent to test our strength and our positivity! Like life saying "ok then sunshine! Let's see what you're made of!"

We can all get caught up in out own lives and sometimes to people who don't really understand us it can seem like we're being selfish. I'm seriously amazed by people who say they can keep up with EVERYTHING! I can only hand on heart say it's very difficult for me.. 
I do the best I can and for some it's sadly just not enough.

Deep down I truly believe that if you're there for each other... You're THERE! No matter what.. No distance, no time apart, no loss of contact.. Nothing can break that bond!

True friendship can survive.. It doesn't hurt.. It doesn't set out to destroy you.. It doesn't hint! It's plain straightforward talk about it!

The internet is an amazing place but equally crazy and ridiculous! You can't just type something hurtful and think that people won't mind.. Especially if you don't even know them well enough to judge.. And once seen it's as bad as once spoken.. You can't just delete and pretend it never happened!

It's simple... Just think and talk about it! Not everything has to be a debate for all to participate in, especially if it's none of their business.

And always remember....

It's been a tough week here but every cloud has a silver lining... And I've really found the centre! I have discovered who my true friends are and that has made it much easier for me to move on! 

Now enough of this... Give me back my rainbows!


Daisy Sunshine said...

Keep on shining Kitty. Your positivity (is that a word?) is infectious :D xx

Gill Bavington said...

Yaaaaaaaaaay,I am here !!!! This is just perfect and so true. Hold your head high and smile xxxxx

Alexandra Beech said...

Kitty, don't let others get you down. You are a bright colourful rainbow in a dull world.

Cordelia Earle said...

I'm not sure what went on but hugs to you. If you need a ear to listen ever I don't mind.