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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Under the weather

Funny how we say that when we're not well.... When in reality we're always UNDER the weather! It's just wondering what it's going to throw down on us next! 

It's not been much of a surprise here for the last couple of months though.... Rain rain rain...

Always trying to stop our play... 

I do love rain though, in fact I'm laying in bed with that pup listening to it right now!

He's not so keen at all..

As for me..

It reminds me of being a child... Building a den... Watching the raindrops race down the window.. They never seem to race so much anymore. Maybe that's growing up for you!  

I'm seeing signs of Spring here now... And as much as Autumn is my favourite season... I do love Spring! It finally gets to the stage where the long dark nights you've been wanting for so long start to creep away and you get excited for beautiful Spring sunsets. Everything has a place... I love seasons!

Anyway with this in mind here are the next two photos from my 365 project 

Begins with G... Greenery and growth on the heath... It's lovely to see little bits of bright green shooting up through the mud and frost of Winter... My heath is so special to me and the perfect place to capture natures changes!

My town... And the distance I like to view it from. Not too close.. I've always found like an outsider in any town... I wonder if I'll ever feel I fit in or find MY town? Personally my dream is to live in a cabin in the mountains.. I think that would be so magical.. Away from it all.. Just let me keep my Wi-fi... Please?

This photo was taken 5 minutes before the craziest weather ever... 
A torrential downpour followed by an insane amount of hail.

Then when we were suitably soaked and when we were almost home ... the Sun came out!

How about you guys? Is it raining where you're sleeping? And where would be your dream to live?

Love and rainbows... Kitty xxx

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