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Monday, 20 January 2014

Stuff I love Monday

Hey guys! Fresh start.. New week! 

I love Mondays!

How could I not feel inspired when I saw this sky from my window...

Then I took Tiny for a walk to the pond..

Such a beautiful morning! 

Once you concentrate on the happy you notice the little things so much more

He loves it there.. He loves to watch the ducks!

So that was how we started our day... And and our week!

And here are some more things I've found that have made me smile..

This Valentines card from Emilymcdowelldraws
haha lets face it in this modern world we all get caught up in technology..
This made me giggle!

This delightful mountain from hitree
I dream of mountains... And I would love some of my very own!

Little bearded men for my pocket! Yes please! 
Never be without a manly man at your side...Haha!
from MsSpanner

I also found a few projects on Pintrest I fancied trying 

This DIY loom is super inspirational!
I feel inspired to create a rainbow for my wall with different textures!

I also LOVE this.... The perfect piece of wall art from found bits and bobs!

Hope they made you smile?

Have you found anything fun?

Please share your blog links.. I'd love to pop by!

And if you're on Pintrest... I'm here!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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