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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Projects and challenges for the new year..

2013 was the year I decided to take up a 365 photo prompt challenge..

And I'm excited to say I managed the WHOLE YEAR!

I did the whole year using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone..
because as I've said before I do LOVE my iPhone!

This year I've decided to do the challenge again.. But this year

Just the basic camera on my iPhone and my trusty Nikon D60!

I've neglected it a bit recently since having Tiny, I think it's just easier to snap the landscape on my phone and play ball with that pup.. And I want to get back into using my camera!

So here are January's prompts

And here is my very first photo of the year...


I also just completed my 3rd doodle diary! 

This has been a really fun project for me over the last 3 years..
All my days in doodle form! Funny because all my life I wanted to keep a diary but could never manage it until I drew it all!

So this year..It's PINK! And I'm doing it in coloured pencil for a change.. 
Taking a break from felt tip pens!

So there are a couple of projects to kick off the new year!

How about you? Are you starting any new projects? Any fun challenges?

I'd love to hear what you guys have planed for the new year!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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