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Sunday, 5 January 2014

On a Sunday

Haha! That's it.... Tiny has spoken!

I woke up feeling grotty with a head cold, but look who was there to look after me..

Perfect for today's photo prompt.. Found
Because I rolled over and found him curled up next to me. Yes I know I sleep in a cabin bed.. But Jacob always pops him up there with me in the morning so we can have a quick cuddle before we get up and start the day!

I took these whilst playing around with my camera.. With the flash on. I never ever do that.. But continuing the theme of trying something new and making changes, I was quite pleased with the results...

I decided the fresh air would be good... Even though the weather was grotty and I was trying to convince Tiny it would be fun..

Haha.... Bonnet day! The perfect chance to wear my new hat!

Along with a big bowl of mushroom soup and my favourite cold remedy... Hot water, lemon, honey and vinegar... And I was feeling a little brighter!

Just in time to say goodbye to the week!

And what a fantastic week it's been...

Packed full of trying new stuff.. Hanging with my boys.. Walks in the woods.. Our annual New Year's Eve trip to the beach for fish and chips.. A new diary.. My new hat.. Magical skies.. New monsters..the return of the happy kit.. Fireworks with Walty.. And more fun than you would ever dream if fitting into a week!
 Well WE DID IT!
 Happy new year.. Happy new week!

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