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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Let's catch up

Well after a silly disruptive week.. Let's catch up with the few pics I managed to take...

Here are the weeks worth of my 365 project..

My Jacob had a day off and these two made me smile all day! We watched a movie..had a lovely walk and lots of giggles! Yep Monday was a good day with LOTS of smiles! 

3 things on my pin board that brighten up each day! A vintage rainbow patch.. A vintage brooch and a badge I've saved for years from my brother! Little things make all the difference to my day!

I was working on lots of happy kits this day... It included a rabbit production line.. So lots of black and white!

There wasn't a lot of sun! In fact it only came out when I say down to work.. Every time I left the house it poured!

Hahahahaha what did you expect for this one? Tiny! My best friend... Always by my side.. Expecting nothing and loving me unconditionally! We could learn a lot from dogs!

I'm the girl who wears pussy bow blouses instead of t shirts! I dress for fun every day... Opening the wardrobe is always fun.. It's a happy place that puts a smile on my face!

We got up very late today and were having too much fun to remember breakfast.. But I did make my little furry boy a special peanut butter toast!

So although it wasn't the greatest week.. You have to try harder than that if you wanna keep me down!
I still packed in some creating... Walks in the frosty sunshine... Time with my best pal Tiny... And many many moments to be grateful for...

And they all go into my daily grateful journal!

Because when you focus on the good... The bad doesn't stand so much of a chance!

And the motto for next week?

Too right! 

Happy new week guys.. Let's make it magic!


Lisa Hopper said...

You are truly inspiring and a lottle bit awesome! <3 Ps I love your flower page!

Bethany M said...

A grateful journal, what a great idea! Tiny's little smile is so cute :3 x

Daisy Sunshine said...

Your blog looks lovely! Looks like a lovely week (despite the idiot) xx

Pumpy said...

What a fun blog and some lovely picture, a lot of imagination. xxx