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Friday, 3 January 2014

Let's get lost...

Well yesterday was our first trip to the woods of 2014!  As predicted New Year's Day was wet wet wet! So it was wonderful to see the sun creeping
through the curtains in the morning..

I love living so close to the woods, I love to see the changes through the seasons. It's like my own little paradise!

And this year as I have promised myself I will use my camera more, I kept my iPhone in my bag ( even though I was itching to grab it haha ) and here are the results...

As usual Tiny had a lovely time.. Despite having his ball stolen by a bigger dog and having to wait ages for Jacob to get it back! And not quite understanding it floating away from him downstream which I tried to capture but was too busy giggling and enjoying the moment!

He makes me laugh.. A LOT! It seemed to be funny face day, as every time I looked down he was smiling at me in a super cute but funny way!

But seriously will you check out that smile..

I love my adventure buddy! 

This adventure wore him out.. And he headed home for happy dreams...

We headed home for pancakes...
 Happy day!

Love and rainbows Kitty xx

1 comment:

suzie jay sroka said...

Hello Kitty! You have got off to a good start for the New Year! I must do my blog too! Love Tiny! Suzie xx