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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy Day

When your day kind of colour themes itself...

Today was the return of the Happy Kit!

I first released these little paper bags of positivity in 2012 when people always commented on my happy attitude.. I decided to share a bit of my life philosophy in these little kits! They were so popular every month that with a year without them and people constantly asking me when they were coming back.. I decided it was time for them to return with a new look and a bit of a twist! 

I'm hoping these kits will work along side this blog to create a happy community.. A place where we can chat and hang out! I'd love to meet some like minded people! 

If you'd like to grab a happy kit.... I've relisted them here after excitedly selling out of the first 10!

My photo challenge word today was..
A word to live by...

I chose positivity... As I just can't function without it... When I get down I get DOWN! But I have to pull myself back quickly or I just can't be me! 
I'm a dream chaser.. I need to believe that it will all be ok! 

I got a wonderful new hat... My Mum made it for me...
A knitted bonnet! Woop! I've always wanted to bring the bonnet back..
My Mum is ACE!

And the sun set on the greyest of days and turned the sky this magical shade..

The early evenings are the best part of the day lately..

Happy Saturday guys... Hope you had fun!?

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1 comment:

dawn said...

Love your blog Kitty, always makes me smile :) love the bonnet! :)