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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Fresh start.. New page

Hey guys! Well it's been a while... Last year was a very good year for my little business but sadly I didn't give myself enough time for anything else.. So hobbies and blogging seemed to get left behind..

But this year I have new goals and lots of plans..

But before we start on this new adventure, it was time to finish the old one.

We weren't sure our annual trip to the beach was going to happen as the weather was so bleak, soggy and just downright miserable in the morning.. BUT.. we didn't quit!

And I'm SO glad we persevered.. because we got to the beach just in time for THIS...

The perfect example of why I'll never be a quitter!

We got to eat our fish and chip supper on the beach to a magical sunset!


It was Tiny's first New Year's Eve with us, and he had a lovely time!

And I shared my fish with him! Yep.. It's LOVE!

Then it was home for snacks and X-box fun!

Hell YEAH! We've got the moves! 

HAPPINESS is being silly with these guys! 

Then... Fireworks on the tv with my smallest furry friend!

It was all a bit much in the end for Tiny, he's a bit of a softy! 
So time for curling up with the last page of our diary!

Goodbye 2013! It was a tough year in a lot of ways... But it certainly had some highlights!

I took the plunge... We redecorated..

After 14 years of a neon pink house... We went pastel!

We had a quiet but magical Summer

I won the scarecrow competition for the second year running..

I met some lovely internet friends in REAL LIFE!

My new best long distance friend Gill

And her lovely family..

Also the super sweet Heidi M who just happens to be one of my favourite artists!

Along with the lovely Lauren from House of Mouse Photography

My Noah left middle school

 And started HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!


I celebrated my 5 year anniversary with my amazing boyfriend.. 
We ate sushi.. had fun and made some exciting plans! 

But the biggest one of all just has to be.... 

THIS little guy coming into my life!

All the way from Crawley
via the other internet friend I met this year.. The lovely Gem!

My Tiny!

WOW! Well I can tell you that I KNEW from the first moment I saw his photo that I would love him!
But I could never ever have told you just how much and how he has changed my life in these first few months. I needed a life.. And he has certainly given me that. 

I was quite reclusive and I'm still a home body but our daily adventures out and about have really made a difference to me.. He makes me smile.. Makes me proud and just fills my days with a companionship I've never quite experienced before!

He's my best friend!

And he rocks my world!

Well that's 2013 done and dusted... Lets get up and at it and ready for 2014!

Thanks for following my little adventures and I promise to be a better blogger!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Gill Bavington said...

Ooooooh the photo's you have chosen are just beautiful and I am so glad to be a part of your blog. Watch out Kitty for the next installment of when Kitty met Gill haha. Happy New Year my lovely lets hope it is a fantastic one for both of us xxxxx

Helen said...

You have made me well up thank you for sharing your world & have a Happy Tiny Family filled 2014

Beth Wilson said...

One of the best things about this year is making friends with you! Your photos and wonderful attitude to life always make me smile :)