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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Daily animal doodle

New year usually brings new daily challenges..
And when I saw everyone taking part in the animal doodle a day challenge  I thought I'd join in..

BUT with a twist..

The twist being that 

A) I had to do them in 2 mins on my iPad


B) That they had to be WOOKIE animals

So here we go...

Penguin wookie..

Lion wookie..

Pig wookie..

Mouse wookie..

Bear wookie.. 
But as wookies are already like little bears, I went for the breaking bad teddy bear..

Unicorn wookie.. Complete with rainbow!

Koala wookie... Haha this guy HAD to have arms!

Bat wookie... He's a little sleepy, a little fat and a little beige.. But I like him that way!

And as this is just for fun but also the perfect way to make plans for some new wookies..
I decided to make it into a little fun competition!

See the last animal on the list is HUMAN..

But I've already been turned into a wookie

Haha and so has Jacob

And I did the design for the Noah wookie too..

Here are the Kitty and Jacob wookies in plush form..

My Anniversary present to Jacob!

So I thought that it would be fun to hold a draw and pick a name on 31st

and that person would be turned into a wookie!

*Well not in a fairytale kind of way but I will do the doodle and make a plush!*

SO.. All you need to do is leave a comment to be included in the draw!

Sound like fun? Well what are you waiting for.. get commenting!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Alamea said...

Your work is always so lovely Kitty! I bet a wookie of me would look great on my little wookie "farm" that I'm making with all of the ones that I already have from you <3 :) (for now it will be on a shelf above our counters in the kitchen :) )

Gill Bavington said...

Kitty these are just fab ................ xxxxxxx

Cordelia Earle said...

I love your Wookies, you are such an inspiration.

I really would love to join in these little drawing thingys, but I am so useless in remebering everyday to do them.


Faye Cresswell said...

ha ha, a faye wookie!

it would have to sit on the fire surround in the lounge warming its toes along with my ickle kittypinkstars conker and holly :-D

I am wanting to work through the seasons having a version of whatever plant makes me think of that season...a beautiful conker in autumn, the lovely red of holly at crimble...the new year?? not sure yet :-D xxx

Barbara Pellizzari said...

The animals wookies are amazing! you're so creative! and I love the Kitty and Jacob wookies!
My wookie would be violet with a pencil! ^_^ Always dreaming about new things to draw!

gemma robinson said...

EEEEEEEEEP!! I would LOVE one of these for my birthday! that way i'd get to play with all my other wookie friends <3 amazing as usual lovely

Beth - Doodlecats said...

I want to be a wookie! Then when I order my cat ones, wookie me can hang out with them :D

kazza bow said...

Hi Kitty, I would love a wookie of me, then it can sit next to my cat wookie Phoebe...'such fun'. all of my other wookies have been put away for Xmas, so would be nice to have some more for throughout the year making me smile :))

Helen Deakin said...

Love your Work Kitty :) you are so talented :) xx

Beki Thorne said...

I hope we get to see the Noah design madr into a wookie.
I'd love to be wookifiedbut think Jack would make a much better one haha ♡

Lerryn Gray said...

Woookie!!!! Mazing!

Rieckie Muchow said...

I love the Drop Bear.. Koala Wookie.
Hugs from Australia.

Rieckie Muchow said...

I love the Drop Bear.. Koala Wookie.
Hugs from Australia.

Alana said...

Love your stuff! Wookies are adorable. :-)

Fi Baldwin said...

These are so fun and have brought a smile to my face :) xx

Emily said...

I used to wear bright colours and big earrings. I used to have more fun. I don't know what happened but a woodie me might remind me to bring back some of that fun!

Emily said...

A WOOKIE - ha ha ha darned autocorrect!