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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Checking in

Hey guys.. Well it's been a few days and I wanted to pop by and check in.. 

I think this blog is for me as much as anyone else! Kinda like an online diary.. I used to use Flickr a lot more seriously but now I just keep my pictures safe there. I'm hoping that people stop by here and share their blogs too as I'm excited to meet new friends this year and read what everyone else is up to...

And here's a little catch up of what I've been doing with my last few days..

Mainly working, but as I love my job it's no big deal... I've been busy working on more custom cards...

I love making custom cards so much... From hearing the customers initial idea and seeing them get excited at the initial rough sketch. To the wonderful feedback I receive when they have their card delivered! It's an amazing feeling! Even I don't buy cards anymore... I love to send one I've made! 

If you'd like a custom card please drop me and email at .. My cards are £5 plus postage and I'd love to design a card just for you! Remember Valentines is on it's way.. Here are a few Valentines cards I've designed in the past..

So that's been keeping me busy.. But I've still had a little free time to take my photos for the fat mum slim 365 photo a day challenge! 

Day 8... Lucky number.. Well I don't really have a lucky number, I actually don't really like numbers all that much... But number 5 got lucky as I like the way it looks. Oh and 12 cakes were used to create this photo do I'm guessing that's not such a bad number either! Hah.. And they tasted great!

Day 9.. Natural.. Well I'm sure it's obvious by now just how blown away I am by nature, and in particular clouds! And that day the clouds were so beautiful that I could really, truly believe I was in the mountains!

Day 10.. Manmade.. When something manmade creates something natural.. It's magic! Like a little manmade cloud!

I love this project! It's really interesting this year to be using my camera more and capturing everything in a different light to last year. It's going to make me fall in love with my camera all over again, I just know it!

If you're doing a 365 project I'd love to hear about it... Please leave a link so I can come check it out!

Of course I also found time for this little guy..

Haha.. The classic please can we play ball? Face. How could I resist?

And when we haven't been playing ball.. 
We've just been being silly!

Walking by the pond...

And watching our favourite tv shows...

So all in all it's been pretty good! 

How about you guys? What have you been up to? I'd love to hear! 

And don't forget to leave a comment on the animal doodle a day blog post... To be in for a chance of being turned into a wookie!!

Love and rainbows.. Kitty xxx


Barbara Pellizzari said...

Hi Kitty!
I love reading your blog! I'm actually drawing (you can see something on my blog, I'm trying to keep it updated this year!) and thinking about some felt necklaces I want to try doing! I'm @bimbagru on Instagram ;)
Wish you a great weekend!

Daisy Sunshine said...

Aww looks like you've been having a lovely time! I love reading at what you've been up to and seeing your wonderful work. Tiny is so cute :D xx

Daisy Sunshine said...

I figured out how to comment too haha. I'm not clever at this (Joanna) xx