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Monday, 27 January 2014

Catch up!

 Whoops! I was so busy yesterday, I forgot to do my end of the week catch up!

So here I am with last weeks photos...

To do list... I couldn't complete my to do list until I had created this special wookie for a very special overseas friend.. In memory of her dear pup!

Blue... There came a time in my life when I started to become my Nan! I dress like a granny and this blue cardigan is so Nan!

Nice... Damn fine cherry pie! VERY nice!

Bedtime... I wish it was.. I feel sleepy today! Good job I don't sleep to dream!
I sleep up a ladder.. Under a rainbow.. In the 70's as a unicorn queen!

My space... If you need me I'll be here! Under the bed in my cosy den.. Curled up with my furry friends!

A taste of Winter... Warm apple pie!

Fun stuff... My job! Making new wookies!

2 years since I lost my sweet Ethel and I spotted a rainbow from my sofa!

And the orange was definitely brightest! 

And check out Walty's smile.... Haha hamsters ROCK!! 
They always make me smile


Speaking of smiles... I made this for a lovely little lad who needed a cheer up!
Sometimes it's tough being a kid and this is where a wookie smile was needed!

I think it worked huh?

Oh and I got awesome mail...

My cats from the AMAZING Sleepyking

They fit in so perfectly here!!

Yep a pretty good week.... Sunshine.. smiles... rainbows... stitching.. snuggles.. furry friends.. 
clearing up.. hanging out! 

How was YOURS??

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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