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Monday, 5 August 2013


Hey guys! Remember me? Sorry it's been SO SO LONG since I last blogged..
But it's been crazy busy here at Kittypinkstars HQ.. I've hardly had time to stop!

SO.. I decided what better way to get back in touch with you guys than


Something creative to get you all doodling!

SO.... After the success of the last contest.. The design your own puff competition

How about.... Design your own wookie!!?????

All you need to do is print out the template above... And design your perfect wookie!

There are 3 styles available..

Long fur

Short fur 

and cotton / fleece

You can enter 3 times!!

If you don't have a printer you can scribble your design on your iPad.. Your phone.. Or even take a photo of your entry..

All I ask is that the picture is clear... To the shape of the template 
and emailed to me at

There have been several different styles of wookie in the past.. Here's a little reminder of some..

There've been Christmas puddings.. Wacky.. Moustached.. Christmas trees.. Sharks.. Spooky..
Rudolph.. Santas.. Worms.. Basketballs.. Pumpkin.. Fall.. Rainbow..Artists.. Medals..Clowns.. Ice cream sundaes.. Crayons.. Iced gems.. Cotton candy.. Sunshine.. Ladybirds.. Bees.. Zombies.. Wild.. Flowers.. Fried eggs.. Truck.. Trees.. Love.. Coconut.. Minion.. Blue skies.. Mickey mouse.. Rainbow.. Cherry and fruit wookies to name a few!

What were YOUR favourites? And what would be your DREAM wookie!???

Go crazy and design away!

You have the rest of August to take part!

Then I will put all entries on my blog for readers to judge their favourite!

The top three will all be winners..

The winners will get their design made up by me...

Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!


Gill B said...

I'm in !!!!! xxxxxxxx

Little Nore said...

entering ! i think my most fav recently was the minion wookie !! what total fabulousness , but you did candy floss and cherry and how can i really choose a favourite.