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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys... Ok so here it is..

I hope you're not mad at me for having to cut it back to once a month??

But business is getting increasingly busy so I am having to cut back on some things a little and my blog seems to be the thing to suffer!

BUT I will be doing one sticker Sunday a month and it will be more seasonal.. 
Special occasion stickers! 

Starting with VALENTINES!!

I've always loved Valentines day... Even when I was a little girl! I never got cards EVER.. And I've not really had any wonderful romances either until I met my Jacob 4 years ago! But that never stopped me from embracing the romanticism and enjoying the excitement of seeing the flower delivery vans and the feeling of love in the air! I'm a grade A people watcher! So special occasions like this are fun for me..

Being a true vintage girl at heart and a crafter though.. I love the idea of an old fashioned  handmade Valentines! Everything becomes so commercial these days...

I wish chocolates still came in boxes like these....

And I love making my Valentines gifts totally unique and personal.....

Here are some of the Valentines I've made my Jacob 

But for me Valentines isn't all about being with someone special.. It's just about LOVE!

And loving YOU! Because you are GREAT!!

So.. I made these stickers for you guys...


So.. To be in for a chance of winning this months stickers..

Just tell us what you love about being YOU!!!

Me? I love the way I see life.... And my imagination!

Just let us know... I miss our chats!

And then share SOMEWHERE..ANYWHERE!!

You could tweet it..Share on FB.. Tell your kitty.. Shout it from the roof!

I will pick 4 winners at lunchtime tomorrow.. So quick guys! Tell the world..

Each winner will win 12 stickers (2 of each design!)

Thanks for stopping by... Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Chepcher Jones said...

Oh well, for a very long time it was sooo hard to imagine, that there is something to love in me... but now I am learning :) And I love... my ears which have so many earrings, my small hands and feet :) I love this that I am crazy, and that I can hide from people... and that there is only me inside of me!!! No copies!!! :)

happy VDay Kitty :)

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

What I love about being me? Oh everything ;).
I am a Leo so love myself hihihi, I love that I'm such an honest person who doesn't care what people think of me. They will have there own minds and why would I want to try to convince them to love me. You either love me or you don't :p. I am a trustwurthy friend, you can laugh with me, but I'm also into deep conversations. Discussions is not my department. I just love peace and harmony and am easy going. I love being myself and am happy that I'm able to work on myself, improve my skills, try to overcome hard times by seeing the meaning of live and God's miraculous ways.
I am happy that I'm a lightworker, an earth angel and make this world a better place. Lots of hugs from me and no way that I could be mad at you that you have sticker sunday once a month. Just first take care of yourself and business. So great to hear that you are doing so well! You go girl and keep on believing! Hugss!

Jopsy said...

I LOVE Smiling at people I don't know! They either A) smile back, or B) Look confused, either way it amuses me! Often I sing aloud in the car, and get stared at by complete strangers (I continue-Who wouldn't) & I love working with small children, because each day is a rollercoaster of emotions! Love your work. Cheers, Jo x

Aankleedpopje said...

Hello Kitty ;-)
I found your blog via Susan (here above) and I really love the things you make! It's great. So I would like to win some of your stickers of course.
What I love about myself is that I am a 'what you see is what you get' person.
I'll be back here! Surely!
Greetings from Sweden, Ria.

Els04 said...

I'm not good in loving myself. But what I love is that I had the guts to start my own blog, I love it!
Like I love your handmade Valentine stuff! I'm already working on a card for my husband! Happy Valentine's day to you and Jacob♥♥♥

Helen Clancy said...

Loving your Cecil character more and more!!! What do I love about myself? ..... Well I love that I am a creative person with a passion for all things purple!! I love the fact that my heart melts everytime a see a cute little furry and I think I have alot of love to give to both my human friends and my furry friends xx :0)

Karen Adamson said...

I love being me in that I'm a creative person and can really appreciate all the time and effort that goes into other peoples lovely creations. Unfortunately this means I spend hours just browsing lots of loveliness on the internet and not creating myself!

Rebecca's Emporium said...

Eap! I don't know I'f I'm too late to enter, but I love the way I can rely on my imagination for constant entertainment! :) hehe
I love knowing that I don't need tv or the internet to keep me smiling, and sometimes I love it more than watching a film, just snuggle up and let your imagination go crazy! :)
Love your Cecil stickers hun! xx

Kitty Pinkstars said...

DRUM ROLL... And the winners of the CECIL VALENTINES stickers ARE....

Rebecca's Emporium

Karen Adamson



CONGRATULATIONS guys... If you could email me your addresses to I'll send your stickers out to you!

Aankleedpopje said...

OMG, I'm so sorry, I just see now that I won stickers! Great! Thank you.
I'll send you my address.