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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sticker Sunday

Hello guys!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

After that lovely little break... I'M BAAAACK!!!

With lots of new ideas AND a new character for the year 2013!


He's my new character... 

A rabbit of positivity named after my Grandpa and inspired by all the positive things he said to me as a child!

He will be featuring for the whole year.. Celebrating all the different seasons and holidays!

This month I have...

Here's a little sneaky peek inside the book....

This year I will be creating a different HAPPY BOOK every month! 

This one is the JANUARY new year new you book!!

Filled with illustrations to colour and pages to fill in with your lists and plans..

Featuring my NEW character for 2013!! CECIL the rabbit!!!!!


This one is only available in January then there will be a February one available!


A little felt Cecil stitched safely into a clear plastic pvc fabric bubble with a pin back glued on the reverse so you can pin him onto yourself wherever you go.... YOUR outfit is the backdrop to his environment.. Making this brooch look different EVERY day!

He's in his own little bubble... Protected from the world!

SO.... It was a no brainer as to what stickers to doodle for THIS WEEKS sticker Sunday!

CECIL of course...

Here to bring in the new cheer with a whole lotta cheer!!!

I love the new year... Fresh start.. New plans.. The feeling it's all to go for!

I always make a few resolutions.. Just little things I want to try and change..

Firstly... I'm going to wear OTHER colours! Yep..Not just pink!! hahaha.. But it will all be vintage!

This year it was not to sweat the small stuff.. Because I always worry too much about EVERYTHING!
And I just want to chill a little more... 

Have fun projects for ME.. I work hard.. The trouble with loving what I do is it's hard to put it down and relax! So I have started with a few photo a day projects..Started a new doodle diary and have a few fun crafty goals I'd like to achieve too!

Not be such an island.. Be more sociable! Yep I am a total hermit.. I am more than happy wrapped up in my little world but I want to take time to chat with friends and maybe even MEET people haha! But only if I can take my bubble with me!

I have 4 packs of Cecil stickers to give away... 
Each bag contains 10 stickers (2 of each design!)

So all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning a pack of these Cecils stickers IS..

Tell me ONE change YOU plan to make this year! 

It might be something new you wanna try or something you're giving up..Lets start the new year with a fun blog chat.. Come on guys.. Let us know!

Thanks for popping by guys.... ((hugs))

It's ALWAYS lovely to hear from you!!

And if you want to check out the new goodies in my shop.... Please click here!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Gemma A-Rob said...

one of my resolutions is a small one in theory and thats to read more books. I love to be lost in my imagination. Whether it be the simpler times of Wuthering Heights, the royal courts of Henry the 8th or catapulted into the future somewhere. I've started the year off by competing little woman and what i would give to go back to those times! I'd def worry less!!

Anything that makes me travel to worlds beyond is ok by me! Fingers crossed it works!

Karen Adamson said...

Hello Cecil and Happy New Year to you too Kitty!

My new year's resolution is to run a half marathon for charity. I only starting running four months ago and I'm up to 10k so this is my next challenge :)

Karen :) x

Jess Clayton said...

Yay!!! hello Cecil! Happy New Year Everyone! I think for me to make more time for family members and just slow down a bit not always look to the future and concerntrate on whats happening now!
Amazing stickers as always!
Jess :D Xx

cutedesigns said...

Aw Cecil is so cute and fun looking. :) Glad you had a nice break. As for my resolution, well I'm hoping for a better year but some of those things are a bit out of control so taking it as it comes. But hoping to live more in the now instead of worrying about the future. And to draw more. :)

P.S. I'd love to meet you some day. :)

natasha said...

This year I plan to cook more from scratch and to finally get a savings account on the go !! We say it every year but it never seems to go any where but this year we are in a new house and in a new frame of mind :) x

Cecil is gorgeous !! x

Anonymous said...

Scheduling work stuff -- all of it! And adjusting to our dog, Fluffys passing. Maybe get a puppy?

Amber Leilani Middleton said...

oh,i am in the same boat...i also want to get out of my bubble and try to be more social. however, i have A LOT to do this year, especially over the next 3 months. but, i am determined to get together with new/old friends more often and even try and connect with new people who i might have something in common with....
ps..i love cecil!!! so awesome to be named after your granddad!!

Gill B said...

Happy New Year Kitty, my New Years Resolution is very simillar to yours, to worry less and to not let other peoples negativity get to me ................ wish me luck ......... I'm definitely going to need it !!! Ha Ha x

Beki said...

To write in my journal every day
Take lots of photos
Read 50 books
Start a gratitude jar
To be more loving and giving
To have lots of FUN

Love Cecil, looking forward to seeing more of him xx

Helen Clancy said...

Cecil is the cutest bunny ever!!!!! This year I want to learn to crochet and create lots of new socky critters and like Dawn said it would be amazing to meet you in person xx :0)

Helen Clancy said...

What a DOOFUS!!! I meant Donna lol xx :0D

Amanda Q. said...

First of all, these stickers are too cute, I love them! Cecil is adorable. The one thing I plan to change this year is to stress less. I have a really bad problem with stressing about a lot of things, big or little. I am working on that problem this year, so I can have a good stress free life. :)

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Hey girl good to hear from you and your plans. Good of you that you are trying to make more ME time (you time ;)) it's important to take good care of yourself especially with your own business going on and loving what you do. But I think you allready did a good job on that last year, I saw so much fun stuff you did.
For me I have a really common goal this year and that is to loose some weight. I prooved myself I can commit to something a whole year (I finished my 365 days creative project, but no worry I will keep going on blogging and being creative). So I want this year to commit to this goal, but do take it easy just like I did with my creative project, no diets but some more exercise (walk in the woods) and less sweets.
Love your new character by the way, looking forward to hearing all the good lessons you learned from your grandpa.
Hugss! Ps did you get my christmas wishes rainbow envelop?

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are........ DRUM ROLL.....

Gemma A-Rob

Brandon R Wagner

Gill B

Helen Clancy

THANKS SO MUCH for taking part... Following my blog and loving Cecil!

If you didn't win... I'll be doing another sticker Sunday next week so don't panic!

And if you love THESE stickers..They're in my Etsy shop HERE...