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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Illustration Friday MYTH


A person or thing whose existence is fictional or unproven..

Kitty always wondered if she really existed.. She never felt she truly fit.... Then she found her kind! ♥

I don't believe in people.. I believe in unicorns!

Thanks for stopping by.... I hope it made you smile!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

The week in review

A week full of photo fun..doodles..Cecil..Sweet treats..Posting orders..New plans and tree hugging! ♥ Happy new week guys... May all our wishes come true! ♥

Eeeek.. Late late late.. Gotta get back on track!

But here's my weekly 365 days of photos mosaic...

And my 365 with Spooky...

Next week I'll be a better blogger! Promise!

How are YOU??? Come on guys... What's going on in YOUR world!??

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys.... Well this week was a little exciting here!


And we NEVER get snow...

So it was pretty exciting!!

So this weeks stickers are SNOW DAY HAMS!!

Betty and Bob having fun in the snow!

We had a lovely snow day.... Best thing! Having fun with my boy..

Snow day went a little like this....


I love snow days... I remember when I was little..
The snow was so deep I had to climb out of the kitchen window with my Dad!
We NEVER get snow like that down here any more... But this was enough to have fun and build the smallest snowmen...

I have 4 packs of SNOW DAY HAM stickers to give away...
(10 in a pack..2 of each design)

So to be in for a chance of winning this weeks stickers...

Just tell us YOUR fun snow stories.. Or just leave a message telling us what you've been up to?
Anything..Lets just have a catch up!

Winners will be picked next Sunday! 

Good luck..Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Illustration Friday OCEAN

OCEAN... A very large expanse of sea, in particular, each of the main areas into which the sea is divided geographically... 

Ocean all around me... Ocean in my mind! I'm never happier than when I'm by the sea.. I truly believe I was a mermaid..A falling star that fell to the sea... ♥

Thanks for stopping by.....

I hope it made you smile!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Sticker Sunday

Sorry I'm late guys... Must get back into the routine!

I've been in a little bubble for so long!

A bit like Cecil in this weeks STICKER SUNDAY!

To celebrate the release and first sale of my CECIL IN A BUBBLE BROOCH!

I've created this weeks stickers of Cecil.. In his bubble!!

Floating around in his different little worlds!

This week I have 4 packs of stickers to give away.. Each pack will contain 12 stickers
4 in full colour... And 4 plain for YOU to fill in YOUR perfect backdrop to his world!

And all YOU have to do to be in for a chance of winning is leave us a comment..

Telling us YOUR ideal bubble world!

I will be running this weeks competition all week and picking winners NEXT SUNDAY!

Good luck!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The week in review

EEEEK!! Are we REALLY in to the SECOND week of the year ALREADY!!???

AAAAGH!!! I gotta catch up!!!

The first week was all about seeing in the NEW YEAR!!!

Watching the fireworks on TV..

With my favourite boys.... That includes Walter!

Dressed as Mexicans and doing karaoke!

Clearing away Christmas!

Starting my new diary!

My new character CECIL the white rabbit!

Giant hamsters!!

Starting new photo projects.. This one with FATMUMSLIM

And this one with my favourite wookie SPOOKY!

And the first cycle ride of the year! Even though it was soggy and foggy!

Happy New Year guys!!!

How did YOURS start!???

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Sticker Sunday

Hello guys!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

After that lovely little break... I'M BAAAACK!!!

With lots of new ideas AND a new character for the year 2013!


He's my new character... 

A rabbit of positivity named after my Grandpa and inspired by all the positive things he said to me as a child!

He will be featuring for the whole year.. Celebrating all the different seasons and holidays!

This month I have...

Here's a little sneaky peek inside the book....

This year I will be creating a different HAPPY BOOK every month! 

This one is the JANUARY new year new you book!!

Filled with illustrations to colour and pages to fill in with your lists and plans..

Featuring my NEW character for 2013!! CECIL the rabbit!!!!!


This one is only available in January then there will be a February one available!


A little felt Cecil stitched safely into a clear plastic pvc fabric bubble with a pin back glued on the reverse so you can pin him onto yourself wherever you go.... YOUR outfit is the backdrop to his environment.. Making this brooch look different EVERY day!

He's in his own little bubble... Protected from the world!

SO.... It was a no brainer as to what stickers to doodle for THIS WEEKS sticker Sunday!

CECIL of course...

Here to bring in the new cheer with a whole lotta cheer!!!

I love the new year... Fresh start.. New plans.. The feeling it's all to go for!

I always make a few resolutions.. Just little things I want to try and change..

Firstly... I'm going to wear OTHER colours! Yep..Not just pink!! hahaha.. But it will all be vintage!

This year it was not to sweat the small stuff.. Because I always worry too much about EVERYTHING!
And I just want to chill a little more... 

Have fun projects for ME.. I work hard.. The trouble with loving what I do is it's hard to put it down and relax! So I have started with a few photo a day projects..Started a new doodle diary and have a few fun crafty goals I'd like to achieve too!

Not be such an island.. Be more sociable! Yep I am a total hermit.. I am more than happy wrapped up in my little world but I want to take time to chat with friends and maybe even MEET people haha! But only if I can take my bubble with me!

I have 4 packs of Cecil stickers to give away... 
Each bag contains 10 stickers (2 of each design!)

So all you need to do to be in for a chance of winning a pack of these Cecils stickers IS..

Tell me ONE change YOU plan to make this year! 

It might be something new you wanna try or something you're giving up..Lets start the new year with a fun blog chat.. Come on guys.. Let us know!

Thanks for popping by guys.... ((hugs))

It's ALWAYS lovely to hear from you!!

And if you want to check out the new goodies in my shop.... Please click here!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

The year in review

WOW!!! What a year.. haha no matter WHAT life throws at me I always seem to make it look pretty!

I have NO idea where that year went.. BUT..Here we go..Lets look back at 2012!

First we had to say goodbye to 2011..

And watched the fireworks on tv with Ethel.. Who was NOT amused! Delicate little girl!


I dived into the new year with....

A new diary and pens....

New ideas... Starting with HAPPY KITS!!

Positivity in a paper bag!!
These little bags of sunshine proved a real hit in 2012.. 
One for every month to help spread a little of my happy outlook!

And I needed all the sunshine I could grab when suddenly my dear Ethel got sick and despite all efforts to save my best friend..I lost her over the rainbow and my heart was broken!

Anyone who knows me knows that pets are my family.. And Ethel.. I loved her so much more than a hamster..She really was the most magical friend..

Thanks to all the kind words and sweet gifts sent through from my lovely friends 
I built up quite an Ethel collection...

And planted a rose in her memory.... An orange one! Because she always was and always will be the orange in my rainbow!!

In fact a few days after she crossed I saw this rainbow.. A DOUBLE one..
And the orange was EXTRA bright..

I missed being a hamster Mum so much that I decided I would find another friend...
Not a replacement.. Ethel could never be replaced.. But I just felt I had so much love to offer another hamster friend that I would keep an eye out for the perfect friend...

I just had a few simple requirements..

He must be a boy... Long haired.. Different colour to Ethel and his name would be WALTER!

I always choose the name first.. That's how I KNOW I've found the perfect friend..

They have to fit the name...

So after a couple of weeks of searching and a VERY long car journey one Sunday morning..

I found him...


I looked down and said... "Are YOU my Walter?" He looked up.. And I KNEW!!!

He was so so shy! But we clicked pretty quick!


The month of LOVE!!

Jacob and I had a DATE DAY!!

And then it was VALENTINES....

I made him a special hoop present!

And a special card....


I worked on more hoops....

And more doodle character ideas...

And I realised I was allergic to antibiotics when I had to visit A&E with a little swelling...

But everything life throws at me is doodle worthy! This made for a funny one!!


WOW... My not so little Noah turned 11!

And we went bowling...

LOVE these guys....

Then it was EASTER!

An extra opportunity to dress up and eat chocolate!

Haha as if I need one!


Noah ran the mile race in the park again! And beat last years time!


Our first picnic of the year..

The Queens Jubilee..

We sent to the CIRCUS!!! This was a MEGA highlight!


I handed in my notice at work and went FULL TIME as Kittypinkstars
It was tough saying goodbye to some of my lovely friends..
But I knew it was for the best..

They gave me some lovely pressies..

It was the Summer fete at Dad's allotment.. And Noah and I both won with our cakes!

Dad won with lots of veg and was in the top 3 at least most of the time!

We finally got to the beach..
It was the olympics..

And....MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

And LOOK!!!! I got an iPad!!! COOOOOOOOL!!!!


The Upton Country part fair.. Meant Noah brought home a little win!

Lots of Summer holiday fun..Even though it wasn't the GREATEST Summer..

Including my FAVOURITE ANNUAL EVENT.... The Bisterne scarecrow competition!!!!


I was in 2 books.....

John Murphy's new book..

Return of the stupid sock creatures..

My pattern for Rainbow Dribble is in there! And he was REALLY excited!

and Sassy.. The go for it girls guide by Lisa Clark

Super exciting.......


Meet Medwin...

And he moved in at my Dad's plot on the allotment!

I think Dad is impressed... He seems to love the big guy!

And guess what!?? He won first place!

Oh and one of the funniest sights of the year...

Noah and his best mate as Mr and Mrs Twit to celebrate Roald Dahl day!!


Lots more creating for the new season...

I tried paper mache for the first time in years

And made my very first paper mache lil fox girl!

I also made lots of fun and seasonal bookmarks!


Check out my sexy lil devil...Wilbur!!

Noah and I baked biscuits and carved pumpkins together! So much fun!


Bonfire night..

Oooooooooh Aaaaaaaaah!!!!


Wookies grew moustaches for the month of November and raised £16 for Prostate Cancer UK


The Christmas decorations went up...

The anniversary of me and my Jacob... 4 years since that first kiss!
So I painted him a watercolour picture....

And he bought me flowers..A card and wrote me a love letter!!

WOW 4 years! Hahaha.. Still makes me giggle! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

Ooh yeah! My brother's dream came true... He became a published author with his first novel
Music for the End of the World!

Spooky was VERY excited!!!

Then there was lots of festive fun...

Christmas hoops...

And all kinds of Christmas cuteness...

Noah made these baubles for the school bauble competition... And guess what!??

The Santa bauble won!!

All leading up to CHRISTMAS....

Here it is... The Christmas mirror shot at my Mum and Dads...

And here are the last 4... So fun to see them all together!

And look.. I'm not getting old as quickly as I thought hahaha!

We had the annual fireworks..

Mum LOVED the indoor sparklers....

And I got lots of goodies!

Followed up with New year craziness...

And watching the fireworks with Walty and the boys....

And hello 2013....

May all your dreams come true! 

Thanks for following in 2012... Lets keep chatting in the new year guys!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx