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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hello guys!

Well I've been REALLY busy today..
 Working on outstanding orders so I can have the long weekend off!
So I'm just checking in..With a question countdown..

5 Five random facts about yourself.

I have a crazy love of beetroot

I'm terrified of caterpillars

I LOVE the smell of a dry cleaners 

I move snails from the pavement and pop them on a wall to keep them safe

The real world confuses me and makes me sad, thats why I live in my bubble of positivity

4 Four of your favorite songs at the moment.

Up all night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood) - Counting Crows

If I had a gun - Noel Gallagher

Have you seen me lately - Counting Crows

Baby I'm a big star now - Counting crows

(Yeah I know...But I flippin love them!!)

3 Three of your favorite movies of all time.

As good as it gets


Me and you and everyone we know

2 Describe two of your favorite memories.

One would have to be going to see Neil Diamond with Dad last year.. It was a dream come true!
Everything I wanted and so much more!

And of course the moment I held my Noah in my arms for the first time..WOW! 
My greatest creation!!

1 One wish you have/One thing you would change about your life.

I would be braver and maybe a little more sociable (Just to try it out for a day first!)

What about YOU guys? 

I'd love to hear YOUR answers!!

Thanks for popping by.. Love and rainbows Kitty x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wookie Wednesday

Hello guys!

Happy wookie Wednesday!

WOW last week was an amazing success.. 
Thank you so much to everyone for supporting my Wednesday wookie fun..

I've had such an amazing response.. And lots of wonderful feedback from happy wookie owners!

Check out these lovely messages..

Second time around to Kitty's shop and you are wonderful. Now my kitchen cabinets are adorned with your adorable drawings, and my hammy collection contains a fairy hammy and a wookie! Love youuu kittyyyy!

Love this guy, he's so cute! I know my son will love him too! Thank you for all the stickers and extra happiness you included!

Love, love LOVE my Zombie wookie!!!! He's so awesome I just can;t even stand it! Thank you for all the stickers and extra happiness you included in my package. I also love that you made zombie labels for the outside of the package. I actually cut the one with my name and address off and am keeping it. It was to cute not to. Thank you so much for everything, you have been amazing!

Received my little wookie today, he's adorable! Thank you and thank you for the stickers:)

Kitty is amazing! I pre ordered this before i even saw it and still it exceeded my expectations! Defo not my last kitty purchase!! Xxx

What a wonderful little package to kick start my Jubilee celebrations. Little Wookie now sits on my desk at work surrounded by streamers and chomping on Union Flag sweeties :) Not my last purchase from this delightful shop x

And I've had some fantastic Jubilee wookie party photos...

This from Rachel..

These from Bexy..

And these from Terri...

Yay! Check out the wookies having Jubilee fun! Awesome!!

So this week... I snuck up on these guys

Ladybird and bee wookies

And caught them in my net.. Just for you!!

Here they are..

And here are their positive aceo cards..

These little guys are going into my Etsy shop NOW!

So please head over if you'd like to grab one...

As for any other wookies..Well no fan pics this week and I've not been to the pet shop yet
BUT.. As promised.. Here is a picture of my Ethel collection!

So many wonderful original pieces by so many wonderful artists! 
It's all kept in a special corner of the room.. 
The orange in my rainbow preserved by some special people who make art from the heart!

And speaking about my special little girl.. The Ethel rose has 3 buds!
I am VERY excited about this.. I know her soul is happy every time I look at my special rose

And I CAN'T WAIT for beautiful orange Ethel roses!

And after last weeks Jubilee party..
Here's Walter using his flag a second time to have a Eurovision party too...

Haha Walty! What a party animal!!!!

Maybe you could have a Jubilee party with YOUR ham!??

I'd LOVE to see pictures..

In fact ANY hamster pics you would like to share and see featured on the Wookie Wednesday blog.. Please send to 

The world NEEDS to see!!

Anyway..Thanks for stopping by.. I hope you enjoyed this weeks Wookie Wednesday!?

Love and rainbows Kitty and Walter! 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday treasury

Hey guys.. Happy Tuesday! 

Well it's gonna be another scorcher here thats for sure!
I've been working in the garden under my new parasol..

So.. If you need me...I'll be under here.. 
Doodling and stitching wookies for tomorrow's wookie Wednesday!

SO..Here's this weeks treasury, Inspired by the ice cream print on my new parasol

And the need for ice cream... 

When we saw the van when I was little I would always choose either 

a 99 cone


an orange maid!

What did you choose?

Here comes the magical ice cream van

I can hear it's tune all over town..
Summer must be here..
The sun is out, I'm golden brown..
He's getting very near!

WOW! One of the great things about summer... Anyone for ice cream?

If you'd like to see these goodie up close..
Just click here

But I'm warning you! You'll want an ice cream cone!

Have a lovely day guys.. And thanks for stopping by!

The week in review

A crazy super busy week... Wookies.. Custom orders..Lots of doodling..Walty partied Jubilee AND eurovision stylee.. The weather was SO hot.. Awesome prize mail from Heart Felt Design.. Trips to the swings.. Trips to the park..Baby ducks..Sunrises..A lost egg BUT a baby pigeon and Noah did his race!

It's was such a hot sunny week.. Wondering if growing my hair is such a good idea?!?

Monday I was working on orders all day! I love my day away from the real world..

Including this little bunny girl.. I will be changing the design of these soon and using the small safety eyes. I am already working on a whole brooch collection using all my lil girl designs..
There will be cats..bunnies..lambs..robots..hamsters..monsters..chicks..
All the lil girls in brooch form!

Monday AND Tuesday are the fun walk home from school days.

Especially in the Summer because we have ICE LOLLIES and go to the park!

I also worked on some custom doodles last week..One is secret so I will share it next week
But here are the ones I CAN show..

I also did a tribute doodle for my friend Helen who sadly lost two hamster friends!

Wookie Wednesday was Jubilee CRAZY!!!

All 6 Jubilee wookies found their forever homes..
And I even had to order more fur to keep up with the demand!

Walter was getting in on the Jubilee business!!

I also got some AMAZING mail.. In the form of my prize from Heart Felt Design..

Not one but TWO gorgeous fox brooches!!!

Wow! I was over the moon...
I LOVE foxes so much and these two were just the cutest additions to my collection

Norman was VERY happy!!

You MUST go check out her shop.. It's AMAZING!

Oh.. There was a funny incident during my cycle home on Friday..
Thankfully no photographic evidence BUT I did promise my Mum a doodle of the event!

And here's the..


Sadly one little egg didn't make it...

BUT we do have a baby pigeon in the nest!
He's way too jumpy to get near but he looked a lot like this when I managed to get a peek!

When I saw him on Sunday he was flapping around and had got a LOT bigger!!
WOW they grow fast!
It's been such fun to follow the progress though and I do hope we get another nest!

Saturday we went to the park.. I sat with Mum whilst Noah and Grandad did some training..

And being as I'm not very sporty.. I took lots of photographs.

There were LOTS of baby geese and swans..
How cute is this one?

Saturday night..Well it was Eurovision..

Hahaha WHY do I watch? I don't know.. Noah and I always like a good giggle though
so we tuned in to watch Englebert Humperdick bring home the trophy..

Ooops I mean come second from last.. FIX!
We couldn't win now even if we sent Madonna in...

But don't worry

Hahahaha.. I LOVE how Walter is so happy to get in on the action!
Here he is at his own little Eurovision party!

Well then it was Sunday.. Day of rest!
Haha not for Noah!

We got up early and he did the mile run at the park..

Here he is before

in action!

And after..

Well done buddy... You did yourself proud.. And beat last years time too!

Phew.. What a fun packed week..

I'm off to have a cuppa..

But I'll leave you with Walter

And some silly out takes

Have a great week guys.. What did YOU get up to last week? I'd love to hear!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sticker Sunday

Hey guys.. Sorry I'm late!

But it's a super hot day and I've just been watching my Noah running in a race at the park!

SO.. When I came home.. I sat in the sunshine and doodled this weeks stickers!

This week..It's Kitty's lil hamster girls!

No reason..Except I LOVE HAMSTERS!!!!

So lil hamster girls seemed like the perfect next costume for my lil girls!

All you need to do to be in for a chance of winning these stickers is leave me a comment here

Anything you like.. No rules this week! Lets just say hi to each other..

And maybe while you're here please check out one of my other blog posts..
I'd love to get some feedback on some of my silly ramblings!

and share my blog..somewhere..anywhere..
Stick a note on your hamster's wheel
Whatever you can think of

 I will pick 4 winners 
each winner will receive 12 hamster girl stickers.. 2 of each design!

The 4 winners will be picked on Monday lunchtime GMT and announced here and on my Facebook page

Thanks for looking... Love rainbows and good luck!!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Stuff I love Saturday

Hey guys.. Hope its as sunny with you as it is here!

This week I've been looking at old photos and thinking a lot about growing up.
I'm so lucky that I really had a magical childhood..
Yeah I fell from space in my zip up slippers but I chose my Mum and Dad and they are amazing!

I really lived a wonderful life as a child and it's where all my dreams and inspirations come from!

And with this in mind.. I've been LOVING the new work coming from MY favourite illustrator and friend..

SO... I want to share with you 

image source Scissors&Glue


This lovely inspirational lady has been on some magical art adventures.. 
Creating art from the child within..

Inspired by all the things that made her smile, the inspiration, the little things she loved but forgot.

Getting back to grips with the seven year old Heidi!

She has new characters.. 
A new style and is heading off on a wonderful trip through the world of paints and pencils!

This one is one of my favourites.. 

Image source Scissors&Glue

I simply adore her work... And when I win the lottery I will be asking her to paint all my walls..
Even though she does say she'll work for crisps and fizzy orange!

She's so amazing..inspirational and downright lovely that you just HAVE to head over to her Facebook page and click like and visit her blog and click follow!

And while you're there say hello to Nora cat.. and Evie Super cuteness!!

You won't regret it.
It's pure sunshine and sweetness

And it's got me thinking about stuff I love and about my childhood and things I used to get so excited about

Haha who am I kidding.. I haven't grown up THAT much.. I still get excited about them!

Here are some of them..
Yummy stationery..

Doodling... Haha Jacob say I still pull this face when I'm doodling now!

Hanging out in the woods.. 
Riding my bike...

Haha check out the amazing t shirt!

Woah! I still remember holding hands with Mum and Dad and crying all the way back to the car afterwards.. Why couldn't Elliot go with him to his planet!???

Cats.. Mum says we had our first cat Perfecta because I really really wanted a cat!

And then we had Sapphire.. The very first persian in my life!

And she ALWAYS had her tongue out! It used to freak my friends out!

Candyfloss... My FAVOURITE Summer treat!

Stuff knitted by my Nan..Neon legwarmers and matching fingerless gloves..
She made the best stuff for us! AMAZING!!!
And NORMAN the fox! WOW I still have him in my bed!

See lets face it.. 
At almost 38 nothing much has changed!
 Wow I even have pretty much the same hairstyle!

What did YOU love as you grew up??

The little silly things that made YOU smile and get excited..

Have you changed much?

I'd love to hear.. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty