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Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tell me something Thursday

So.. People ask me what do you love about working from home?
Hmmmmm.... Well for starters.. The solitude.. My furry companions.. Then doing what I love.. Best friends with pens... But the best thing? THE UNIFORM!!

Happy Thursday guys.. I gotta get to work!!!

And lets get back to that list...

Number 19.. 5 items I lust after..

Perfect time for this.. After all my Mum did ask me to write a Christmas list..

SO here goes...

 These super cute pink Camper boots!!

Vintage dresses.. 

And vintage granny cardigans..

A poodle..

And some snow....

Yep.. Those are happy making items.. I'm a pretty lucky girl already!

What are your dream items?

Love and rainbows..Kitty xxx

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