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Sunday, 25 November 2012

The week in review

SUPER creative week!!! And it was feeling all festive here... Santa wookies... KPS Christmas cards.. My new wrap up warm characters...Walk in the woods with my boys.. New supplies and new vintage look Santas! 

Sorry I'm late AGAIN!!! Eek! I WILL get more organised I promise!!

The week started pretty dull so bench Monday was a little later than Monday!
BUT...Worth the wait...Check out my sun worshipping boy Wilbur.. On his favourite bench!!

Now I'm actually working from home full time.. I can get myself more organised for seasonal
events.. SO.. I got working on LOTS of Christmas stuff last week..

Santa wookies..

I kinda LOVE these little guys.... 
They come with a little happy aceo card and REALLY make me smile!
Available from my Etsy HERE

Ok so I'm a little too big to sit on Santa's knee.. BUT this little Santa wookie is the PERFECT size to perch on mine! And I have my list.. So.. Dear Santa..... ♥ 

I also worked on my new range....
Wrap up warm animals... Perfect for Winter

And my new Christmas cards...

Each one comes with a laminated bookmark on the front..

I'm SO excited about these and have already sold lots....
It makes me SO HAPPY to think of people getting KPS Christmas cards this Christmas!!

This weeks awesome mail came in the shape of... New supplies..

Yummy new felt and samples from paperandstring

So excited to get making new creations from these yummy colours!!

Favourite vintage dress of the week....

LOVE this fabric... magic colours!

And in the supermarket I squealed for joy when I saw THESE.....

They are just like the ones we had on the tree when I was a little girl..
Except ours were in red flock!

Yee! It makes me feel all festive and snuggly!

Sunday morning I was hanging out with these guys....Having a lazy lie in!

Then we went for a wintery wander in the woods...

I love the changes through the year... And although it's only slight now..
You can spot the change from Autumn to Winter..

If I have to leave the house... I love to be in the middle of nature..

And when I'm at home.. I like to hang out with my Wilbur!


And this weeks goofy outtake is courtesy of WALTY!!

Hahahaha.... Thanks for stopping by guys!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

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