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Monday, 12 November 2012

The week in review

Firework week... And I had a BLAST!! New paints..Sparklers..Creating.. New plush..Cuddles with my guys.. And crazy cat lady jumper!

Monday was FIREWORK NIGHT!!!

My bench celebrated in sparkler style..

I LOVE to watch the fireworks.. It always reminds me of holding my Grandpa's hand 
on Bournemouth beach as he went OOOOH AAAAAH as the fireworks shot up and softly fell!

The final firework of the evening was fantastic!

Then we came home to play with sparklers..... And drink hot chocolate!

Even Wilbur pumpkin got in the spirit!

Hope YOUR firework night was fun! What did you get up to?

Then it was back to work.. I made lots of fun stuff this week..

Custom basketball wookies..

A special dinosaur pack for a birthday boy...

More Movember wookies...

Snowman wookies..

Santa puff...

Christmas pud puffs

And a whole lot of bookmarks..

I LOVE making bookmarks...

Custom bookmarks and Christmas bookmarks are ALL available in my Etsy shop

But PLEASE remember... My cut off date for custom orders is 20th November!

Oh and once in a while I fall extra in love with a wookie and know he just has to live with me..

Well... Spooky is that wookie...

I love this little guy..He's SO photogenic!

And he found my glasses.. So helpful!

I think I might just use him for next years 365 photo project!

I also got new paints....

And as the weather got colder.. I put on my crazy cat lady jumper..

After all..How can ANY day not be happy in this!

Wilbur didn't seem So sure!

On Saturday we went to Haskins Garden Centre to check out the Christmas display
and get in the festive mood..

Noah always LOVES to watch the tiny Christmas town..

 And I always LOVE the lights!!

And Sunday..Well the weather was SO beautiful that me and my boys went to the woods..

The end of Autumn.... Simply magical!

So there you have it... Another magical week.. How was yours?
Did you have fun?

I'd love to hear!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

1 comment:

Beki said...

Beautiful Autumn pictures!
I love checking out the festive displays at our local garden centre, the tiny town display are my fave too.

Beki xx