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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Yep I LOVE tea! And I also love breakfast dates with my Jacob!

This Thursday started just like that! Hope your Thursday was fun!

What did YOU get up to?

Now..Where did I leave that list? Sips tea....

Ok so we're on number 17... Something I'm proud of..

Well I'm pretty proud of my little business..

I was always a creative child.. a daydreamer.. a doodler..not academic in the slightest!

A falling star!

 In 2006 when Noah was little and I found myself bringing him up alone.. I decided to make things to start up the creativity I felt had been a little knocked out of me.. As I started creating, people told me I should sell them.

I decided to give it a go and after finding out about Etsy, I set up a little shop and started slowly selling my sock creatures..

I them moved on to all sorts of different creations.. My imagination is way too big to keep it all bottled up! And I was so excited at actually being able to make a little money out of what I loved to do!

This time last year I was proud to announce that I had made 500 sales!

My Facebook page had well over 3000 likes and I was really making a go of it!

This September.. I finally went full time!

And I'm super proud to say that I have just made 1312 sales!!

And the feedback from people has been AMAZING!!!

I usually tag myself 2 people that i feel comfortable with and your one of those people! Ive said it before, i buy the person not the product but the funny thing with you is the product is 100% you! I love it and everything it stands for! Its such a gloomy world and you just see things in an inspiring way!

amazing, amazing, amazing seller and artist. Captured my wee man perfectly. Her parcel was a rainbow of joy with lots of Kitty goodies. Such a happy customer...

There is nothing better than receiving a happy rainbow package from Kittypinkstars! Thank you so much once again for a fantastic happy kit! It made my day and the little pumpkin continues to make my day as he sits in my cutting room where I can always see him. I love Kittypinkstars! A true original!

Getting a parcel from Kittypinkstars is like getting rainbows in the post... great wookie, so well made and all the extra bits made me smile *:D

A fabulous seller as always. I love receiving the beautiful parcels with wonderful surprises inside. Thanks again Kitty x<3 font="font">

I have to say that I think the Autumn Wookies are definitely my new favorites! Kitty is such a genius with her designs. Thanks so much for everything you do. You know I'll be back!

So YES!!! I think this has to be something I'm MOST proud of!!
I throw 100% of myself into all my designs... I want to spread positivity..Sunshine and rainbows around the world.. Meet like minded individuals and create a happy community!

And if I can make a little living out of it while I go..Well that's just a bonus huh!??

So a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has joined my adventure!

There's LOTS more to come in 2013.. Just watch this space!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Karen Adamson said...

You're an inspiration to all us other mums. You should certainly be proud of your work and I'm sure Noah is very proud of his mum! Love all your work! :)

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