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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys... Ok so I'm a little too big to sit on Santa's knee.. BUT this little Santa wookie is the PERFECT size to perch on mine! And I have my list.. So.. Dear Santa..... 

Haha and speaking of lists..Lets get back to the Thursday list..

Day 16.. Something you always think "what if.." about

Well I guess.. 

What if I climbed over fear?

What if I embraced change?

What if I just dared to jump out of my comfort zone?

What would happen? Would it get better? Or would I be a different person?

I'm never sure.. I wish life was like a choose your own adventure book.. 
And you could have a sneaky peek first before committing!

Haha.. I LOVED those books as a kid!

What if I had a crystal ball?

What do YOU think WHAT IF.. About??

Eeek a little deep for this late at night.. 

So.. Here's a what if.....

What if hamsters were JUMBO sized!??

WOAH!!! Now that's something to dream about!

Night guys... Love and rainbows.. Kitty!

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