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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sticker Sunday

HEY GUYS!!!!! 

Happy Sunday!! Is it cold where YOU are??

It's really chilly here..Even my mega thick socks aren't helping! 

But the cold weather is super inspirational for my new characters.. 


Yesterday I asked the followers of my Facebook page what animals they'd like to see

wrapped up warm...

And the top 12 I doodled as this weeks stickers.. Kitty style...

SO.. Here we have..  
Meerkat.. Otter.. Penguin..Owl.. Squirrel.. Hedgehog.. Guinea pig.. Ferret.. giraffe.. Frog.. Bunny.. Panda..

All doodled KPS style!

I have 4 packs of these stickers to give away..

Each winner will win a pack of 12 stickers.. One of each wrap up warm animal!

SO.. To be in for a chance of winning.. All you guys need to do is leave a comment telling me YOUR favourite wrap up warm animal and also which animal YOU'D like to see wrapped up warm!

And maybe while you're here..Please pop by one of my other blogs.. Eeek I've been so slow I've had to blog all morning to try and catch up!

Winners will be picked tomorrow afternoon at 12pm GMT..

Good luck guys... And thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Callum Diment said...

I love all your stickers to peices but these have to be my ultimate favourites that you've ever made! my favourite has to be the otter as he just looks so cute! in his little yellow jumper! my favourite animal to see al wrapped up would be a zebra! there so cute!

Jess Clayton said...

Awww, they are all so cute! I love the bunny mainly because I have a bunny called fluff who is fluffy so it's nice to snuggle with her. But I have fell in love with the owl so adorable!
If I could pick another animal it would be a fuzzy bear! I love nothing more than cutching up with my favourite teddy bear on a cold winters day!
Love and Christmas Joy
Jess :) Xx

Karen Adamson said...

Wow they all look fabulous, I asked for the Panda as I thought the picture may cheer up Paper Panda who has had some sad news this week. And I think it's also my favourite from all the above. I'd also like to see a goldfish wrapped up warm (do fish count?) If I win I would like my stickers to go to Paper Panda :) xx

Chepcher Jones said...

I would like to wrap up a crow and a bear :)
And love owl the most! He has such an amazing face expression :) LOL

cutedesigns said...

Yep it's cold here too but I have my heater and Hiro to help. :)

I love all of these animals, they're all cute but my favourites would be the hedgehog, bunny, panda and giraffe. Please don't make me pick one because I can't. :D

I'd love to see my Hiro wrapped up warm, I think that would be special. :)

Gill B said...

I love them all but my favourite has to be the giraffe with the extra long scarf ........... Its chilly up north too I am going to wrap my Riley up warm for winter as I have treated him to a new thunder Jacket to help him stop being so scared when he goes out for a walk ............. I hope it works, its meant to feel like someone is hugging him when he is outside, how lovely must that be, I think I might get myself one !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx

Beki said...

I love the giraffe and would love to see a polar bear wrapped up warm and snuggly :o)

Beki xx

{bex} said...

Oh my gosh - I love these!! <3
I think my favourite is the frog, because he looks so happy ^^
I think I'd like to see my puppy wrapped up warm in a huge snuggie with me :L <3 xxxxxxx

Breezyr05 said...

I can't just pick one favorite so my top two favorites would have to be the penguin and the panda.The animal i would like to see wrapped up would have to be a squirel or a reindeer.:)

sam-diablo said...

Love them! The frog is especially cute :) X

Kitty Pinkstars said...

DRUM ROLL......... And the winners ARE........

Callum Diment

Karen Adamson




Please email me your addresses to and I'll get them sent out as soon as my printer is happier!

And if you missed out don't panic..Sticker Sunday is EVERY Sunday!

And this weeks stickers are on sale HERE...