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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Sticker Sunday

WHOOPS! Mega late AGAIN!!!!

Sorry guys... It's so mad here.. Loads of orders to get started on for Christmas..
My Christmas gets forgotten.. It's making sure everyone else gets their Christmas orders I'm worrying about!

And while I'm thinking about Christmas...

I was doodling some stickers for Christmas parcels 

And wondered if you guys would like a chance to grab some for YOUR Christmas cards and pressies!

So here you have pud puffs and Santa puffs...

Perfect for popping names on on parcels OR cheering up your Christmas snail mail!

I have 4 packs of stickers up for grabs..
Each pack contains 11 stickers!

All YOU need to do to be in for a chance of winning.. 
Is tell us what YOU'D like for Christmas!

Me? Hmm... Well it's all about new pens and my Etsy wish list which is full of vintage and handmade loveliness!

I will pick 4 winners on Monday at lunchtime 12pm GMT..

Good luck guys.. Love and rainbows Kitty xxx


Little Nore said...

what would i like ok here goes....
Art materials to include the giant size moleskine sketchbook
Ddung Dolls
Some socks ( ran out ) only bright colours
a dog real or handmade :) prefer real.
and lots of stickers !!

Breezyr05 said...

What i want for christmas is arts and crafts stuff i would also like a new ipod cover also i would love my own camara.

Callum Diment said...

These would be really cool to write people names in them and put in the present! ... anyway I would love to have a nice new coat as the one I have at the moment isn't warm enough .. wow I feel like an old man saying that! xx

Susan van der Zwaag - Sondeyker said...

Just going to reply on the question and not for the wi ning, i allready won last weeks :D.
But have actually no requests for Xmas, just a nice relaxing X-mas together with my husband. I did try to winn a bix wooden box filled with rubber stamps with letters and numbers...they were neat ;).

Ps don't over run yourself...hope you still make time to relax yourself and have fun together with your loved ones <3

Beki said...

Oooh these are perfect for popping on tags :o)
I have asked Santa for the Charmed and Ghost Whisperer dvd box sets, books,socks, slippers and PJs.

Beki xx

Chepcher Jones said...

I am one of those crazy persons who want to give something everyone... So I write a lot of cards, try to buy present for a whole year thinking about Christmas, make my cottage blue with blue lights, of course Christmas Tree too :)
I think I live from one Christmas to another :) LOL

But what I want? Bog wish to have our car back, smaller: books, bears and chocolate :)

Emilie Proctor said...

I would really like a dress with a hamburger print on it and a yellow cardigan. Maybe I'll wait til March and get that for my birthday though, Christmas time is so busy.

Kitty Pinkstars said...

And the winners are..... DRUM ROLL.....

Little Nore

Callum Diment


Terri Fishwick

CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!!! You all win Santa and Christmas pud puff stickers!

And for those who didn't win..Don't panic..EVERY Sunday is sticker Sunday!

And these stickers are available to buy HERE....